The team of the swimming team, which participated in the Arab Championship for the Sunni stages in Morocco, returned to the country yesterday and lasted for four days, in which the team achieved important results by winning seven medals (three gold and one bronze, and one silver obtained on the last day of the new Arab champion, Leila Khatib, In the 200-meter race released).

Abdullah Al Wahaibi, Secretary General of the Swimming Federation, told Emirates Today: “These results have contributed to the girls' team winning the third place in the overall standings, thanks to the four medals of Leila Al Khatib, which won the first gold medal of the UAE swimming for girls. Amid the Arab swimming giants and participating teams from all countries ».

Not only did the UAE team and the swimmers collect the medals, they also broke many local numbers, including Mohammed Al Hammadi, who set a record (1:13:22) in the 100 meters breaststroke, although the previous number was registered in the name of Mubarak Salem since 2002. 1:14:59 minutes), the local record in the 4 in 100 meters freestyle relay was also broken, in the stages of 14-17 years, the local number in the 4 in 400 meters was broken, and the new numbers concluded with the breaking of the local number in the 400 meters Various under 17 years.

Al Wahaibi added: «The UAE swimming mission returned yesterday morning, and was received by the President of the Federation, Sultan Al Samahi, and all the members of the Board of Directors, who were keen to receive the new champions of the UAE swimming, where they began to focus on them since he took over the management of the game, especially as some of them distinguished players They are able to achieve positive results if they are taken care of. ”