Zubkov retained the status of Olympic champion decision of the Moscow City Court

The Moscow City Court has recognized as legitimate the decision to restore the President of the Federation of Bobsled of Russia (FBI) Alexander Zubkov in the status of Olympic champion.

Interfax reports this.

"The November decision of the Moscow City Court to leave unchanged," - announced the decision of the judge.

On November 21, 2018, the Moscow City Court reinstated Zubkov as an Olympic champion in Russia.

On December 6, the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) challenged this decision, expressing fears that a decision on the Zubkov issue could entail sanctions, up to the suspension of Russian athletes at the 2020 Olympics.

Earlier, Zubkov said that he would consider returning medals only after receiving a notification from the IOC.

REF: https://russian.rt.com/sport/news/591313-zubkov-sud-olimpiiskii-chempion