The price of the Tesla Model 3 for Spain will be 59,100 euros and the first deliveries will be made in February

Tesla has announced the prices of Model 3. They will start from € 59,100 for the version with dual engine and all-wheel drive and € 70,100 for the top-of-the-range version. As

Tesla Model 3 Performance.

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Tesla has announced the prices of Model 3. They will start from € 59,100 for the version with dual engine and all-wheel drive and € 70,100 for the top-of-the-range version.

As announced by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, Europe would arrive, as has happened in the US, the top-end versions of this model. The promised version of $ 35,000 that "would democratize the electric car" has not yet begun its manufacture in the US. Musk said that throughout 2019 the production of this access version would be normalized and that the priority would be to supply North America, and later, it would reach Europe.

Thus, the first Model 3 that arrive will be with the battery of greater capacity (Long Range Battery in English); hence, their prices are so high.

Tesla has also communicated the official autonomy of these two versions under the WLTP emission regulations. It would be 544 kilometers for the Model 3 with dual AWD engine and 530 kilometers for the Model 3 Performance. These two data surpass the autonomy of the Jaguar i-Pace that reaches up to 470 km; the same distance that the Hyundai Kona electric can travel. For its part, the Audi e-tron, offers 400 kilometers.

February, first deliveries

Tesla has confirmed that the first deliveries to Spanish customers will begin in February . Good news for the Spanish 'reservists', some of them tired of waiting. In fact, we were able to talk to several of them last week and were not willing to wait 12 months for their car. They already expected that the car would cost them at least 60,000 euros.

The most affordable option currently costs 59,100 euros if the black color is chosen. The metallic colors Midnight Silver and Deep Blue, are available for 1,600 euros. Multi Coat Red is 2,700 euros and Pearl White costs 2,100 euros. This option of colors also affects the Model 3 Performance that starts from the 70,100 euros mentioned.

The Model 3 incorporates 18-inch Aero wheels as standard and the 19 "Sport as option and a cost of 1,600 euros.The 20" Performance tires are incorporated as standard with the Model 3 Performance option.

Autopilot optional

The Model 3 incorporates the same Autopilot hardware as the other Tesla vehicles. At the moment only the option for 5,300 euros of the Enhanced Autopilot is available . With this, the Model 3 will adjust the speed to the traffic conditions, it will stay in the lane, it will automatically park in a parking space. It does not have the option Summon that allows to remove or put the car in parking spaces or garages reduced from outside the vehicle. Tesla says it will be available soon, but does not say its price.


Tesla ensures that the Model 3 Performance accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds, has a weight distribution close to 50/50 between front and rear; and is capable of increasing the maximum speed of the Dual Range Dual AWD from 233 km / h to 250 km / h. Add a carbon fiber spoiler, brake calipers and one more mode of driving, the Track Mode.

From reservations to orders

As of today, the reserves, some of them made more than two years ago, can be converted into orders. The American company explains that it will prioritize the reservation order, the location of the same and the chosen configuration. But it does not explain more. In theory, Madrid and Barcelona would have the same priority as London or Paris. The most expensive configuration has an advantage, since it leaves Tesla more profitable.

All those who have a reservation, will receive a personalized email so they can convert it into a firm order . Tesla Spain expects that all Spanish reservists will have received the configuration email in the coming weeks.

Tesla also explains that anyone who wants to place an order today and until the end of the year, would receive the configuration email and would have the option to receive their car from February. Tesla has made available to its customers a web of questions and answers for this process. The configuration process will be open to the general public when the current reservation jam is released.

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