The Getafe enlarges the problems of Villarreal after an end of madness

Villarreal starts to look very bad. Far from reacting with the arrival of Luis García, the yellow team continues in free fall and closes the first round at the time


The Getafe players celebrate their victory in Villarreal. Domenech CastellóEFE

Angel decides in 89 and Ekambi fails a penalty in the discount

The yellows sink in the descent after giving another defeat at home

Villarreal starts to look very bad. Far from reacting with the arrival of Luis García, the yellow team continues in free fall and closes the first round at its most delicate moment of the year. On the contrary that the Getafe, his vice player, to which the triumph in the Ceramic Stadium (1-2) allows him to sleep in Europe. The set of José Bordalás took advantage of the defensive fragility of the Castellon and took the three points with the goals of Molina and Angel. Not even from the eleven meters Villarreal was able to scratch a draw in the discount, after Cabrera conceded the first after scoring in own door. [Narration and statistics]

There was hardly a pause in an intense and rough game, as they are used to by the Madrid team. The two contestants entered the duel without brake, submitting to an exchange of blows that had no consequences at the moment. Each attack action of one responded the other. The clearest of all the first time was for the team of Bordalás , at the feet of Portillo, who topped volley, in the small area, a center of Foulquiera. Asenjo , with barely enough margin to react, saved with a quick hand. Only a minute before David Soria had intervened to stop the first local attempt, a hit by Gerard after lowering the ball and turning around.

To the opposite area, at two o'clock, there was more running than playing, leaving little room for the slow cooking of the attacking plays and subtracting protagonism from the men of the midfield. Volaban Cazorla and Chukwueze by the flanks of Villarreal, who checked first hand why Getafe has the second safest defense in the league and also a good goalkeeper. Soria took a shot from the corner of Funes Mori after the service of a foul, when the team of Luis Garcia and began to own the ball and decant the balance in the chapter of the occasions. Chukwueze also tried with a thread that was lost very close to the squad and also Cazorla, whose shot from the front, after Maksimovic sat, diverted the goalkeeper.

The Ekambi error

The Spaniard was again the most incisive of his team, which continues to drag the same problems he had with Javier Calleja. It costs a world to score a goal and it gives them too easily. Jorge Molina took advantage of the defensive candor of Villarreal, who received a three-quarter area, turned around and advanced with the permissiveness of Funes Mori. Chukwueze also did not put his foot in when the striker already put his leg together before releasing a whip to place the ball next to the post.

Villarreal, on the other hand, could not find a way to score. Gerard tried after lowering a ball in the area and again Cazorla , after a great center of Ekambi in extreme tasks. Both met with the good interventions of Soria. It did not seem to find the team of Luis García the way to put hand to Getafe but the fortune decided to smile at him. A ball hung to the area by Bacca without too much danger ended up getting into his Cabrera goal in his attempt to clear.

The draw spurred a Getafe who had just waited for his rival after Molina's goal. Angel replaced the striker and ended up being key. In the only backlash he managed to braid, the ball ended at the feet of the canary, who raffled the innings of two rivals and overcame the departure of Asenjo with a Vaseline. It seemed the sentence but Villarreal still had the option to tie. After a double shot to the crossbar, Ekambi was penalized , already in the discount, but the Franco-Cameroonian threw it over the crossbar.

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