Nikolayev’s victory, Karginov’s disqualification, Karjakin’s problems: the fifth stage of the Dakar rally ended in Peru

In Peru, the Dakar rally raid continues. At the end of the fifth stage of the competition, the KamAZ-master crew led by Eduard Nikolayev won another victory in the standings of trucks. The second result was shown by his team-mate Dmitry Sotnikov, and Andrei Karginov was disqualified due to a run over the viewer. Sergey Karjakin, a speaker in the class of off-road vehicles, was unable to complete the fifth stage because of heavy fog and seriously lost to his competitors due to problems with the car.


On the eve of the pilots completed the fourth stage of the rally "Dakar", making a stop in the Peruvian city of Tacna. After they waited for the return journey to the already familiar to them of Arequipa. This time the athletes had to pass a special stage of 452 km long, which is one of the longest in the race.

However, weather conditions intervened during the race, which seriously complicated the task of the racers. Due to heavy fog, the organizers could not guarantee the safety of the athletes and partially canceled the fifth stage in the categories of trucks, SUVs and all-terrain vehicles, as a result of which many of the riders could not cover the entire distance.

One of these was the crew of the KamAZ-master under the leadership of Ayrat Mardeev. At the 160th kilometer his truck had to make an unplanned stop due to problems with the air supply system to the engine. Because of this breakdown, he lost about an hour and subsequently was unable to finish.

However, weather conditions did not affect the results of the leaders of the KamAZ-master team. The crew of Eduard Nikolayev reaffirmed the status of the triple champion of the Dakar Rally, passing this special stage in 5 hours 53 minutes 33 seconds. Just 3 minutes 15 seconds teammate Dmitry Sotnikov conceded to him, and the third was Belarusian Sergei Vyazovich, representing MAZ (+ 6 minutes 22 seconds).

However, the main event of the stage was an incident involving another Russian pilot, Andrei Karginov. He completed the fifth stage with the fourth result, and in the general classification he occupied the third place at all, giving Nikolaev a little less than 17 minutes. However, after the finish, the organizers reported that the athlete had hit a spectator, and was therefore disqualified.

“At the fifth stage of the rally, the truck crew of Andrei Karginov touched one of the spectators standing on the sports track. After starting at the high-speed special stage, the front axle gearbox failed, causing him to drive on the rear wheel drive, overcoming the dunes with great difficulty. At one of the difficult climbs in the sands, a large number of groups of spectators standing randomly gathered. At the sight of an approaching car, they began to run away from the trajectory, but one of them stumbled and kicked under the rear wheel. The athlete did not see this moment and found out what had happened only after arriving at the bivouac, ”the team said in a statement.

In "KAMAZ-master" noted that they regret what happened and are ready to provide all possible assistance in treating the victim. They also confirmed that the Russian driver was excluded from participation in the rally.

“Unfortunately, the decision of the organizers of the rally on this occasion turned out to be extremely tough - the crew of A. Karginov was disqualified,” the press service noted.

This incident forced the team to meet with the organizers of the tournament in order to discuss the behavior of the fans during the rally.

“The wish was expressed that the organizers take more measures to control the spectators in the race area. I think that first of all for fans this will be a lesson, since motor racing is a rather dangerous type, ”said Erik Khairullin, press attaché for KAMAZ-master.

“If there are rules when you should be in a special zone and not go beyond the barriers, then you should follow this. Unfortunately, some perceive rally-raids as something fun. First of all, they need not create problems for athletes and think about their health, ”TASS quoted Khairullin.

After Karginova was disqualified, the Dutch racer Gerard de Roy from Iveco took third place in the general classification. His teammate Ton van Genugten and Czech Aleš Loprais from the Tatras followed.


Not very well the fifth stage was formed for Sergey Karjakin. After the gearbox breakdown, which occurred on the fourth segment of the rally, it was difficult for the Russian citizen to fight with the strongest representatives in their category. Even for a few tens of kilometers before the end of the stage, he occupied only seventh place, behind his competitors for more than 30 minutes. It is noteworthy that not a single athlete from this category could complete the special stage due to fog.

According to preliminary results, Karjakin lost the first line in the overall standings, passing forward Spaniard Gerard Farres Guell.

“Our crew is in the second position (in the general classification), but this is only half of the route. Considering that the entire fifth and the remainder of the fourth stage, we were driving with a hole in the gearbox, the result is more than worthy, ”wrote Sergey Karyakin on his page on VKontakte.

However, he noted that the problems with the gearbox were not the only problems that he had to face during the fifth stage of the Dakar rally.

“In short, we often had to stop to add oil, as the crack (in the gearbox - RT ) became larger. I had to change one drive. The belt exploded. Lost repairs about 40 minutes. It is a difficult day, but we are in the bivouac, and this already pleases, ”concluded the driver.

At the same time, official information on the results of the fifth stage in the category of all-terrain vehicles has not yet been made public.


In the absence of Vladimir Vasiliev, the fifth stage of the rally confidently won the legendary Frenchman Sebastian Loeb. The Peugeot pilot confidently walked the distance and determined his closest pursuer, Qatar-born Nasser Al-Attiy, for 10 minutes 22 seconds. Two Mini pilots finished next to them - Spaniard Nani Roma and Frenchman Stefan Peteransel.

“This is a great day for me. We looked good from the very start of the special stage and right up to its completion. They made no mistakes, avoided punctures. The ideal segment, "- quotes the press service of" Dakar "Loeb.

However, this success did not help the Frenchman to enter the top three in the general classification. At the moment, he occupies only the fifth line, giving the leader exactly 40 minutes. Al-Attiyah is at the top of the standings (17 hours 19 minutes 53 seconds). He is pursued by Peterransel (+ 24 minutes 42 seconds) and Roma (+ 34 minutes 33 seconds).


The 2017 Dakar winner, Briton Sam Sunderland, won his first special stage at the current rally. KTM driver passed it in 4 hours 11 minutes 48 seconds and just by 3 minutes 23 seconds ahead of Frenchman Xavier de Sultre from Yamaha. And the Frenchman showed the best time initially, but during the race the Briton made a stop to assist Paulo Gonçalves. The Portuguese fell, causing an injury to his arm and a head injury. The organizers decided to compensate for the time spent and gave the victory to Sunderland.

At the same time, American Ricky Brabeck from Honda is leading in the general classification (16 hours 51 minutes 34 seconds). Sunderland takes the second line and is only 59 seconds behind. In third place is the Chilean Pablo Quintanilla (+ 2 minutes 52 seconds).


In this class of technology, Nicolas Cavilasso was once again the fastest. The Argentine speaker on Yamaha won the fourth special stage and strengthened his leadership in the general classification. At the moment, he is 49 minutes 30 seconds ahead of his main rival, compatriot and teammate - Jeremias Gonzalez Ferioli. Next was another pilot of the team Gustavo Gallego (+ 1 hour 5 minutes 26 seconds).

Saturday, January 12th, will be a day off for the pilots, and on the 13th the racers will return to Lima. During the upcoming five stages, they will determine the winners of the most prestigious rally-raid in the world.