Cruel draw for a Valencia that is still denied in Mestalla

Valencia suffered a serious setback this afternoon in a tie against Valladolid. An excessive and cruel punishment for those who made more merits, played better and created more chances


Valencia striker Santi Mina laments after a failed occasion against Valladolid. Kai FörsterlingEFE

Rodrigo wasted a penalty that amended Parejo to put forward Valencia, who dominated and wasted numerous chances of goal

Alcaraz draws a goal with a free kick seven minutes from time in the only shot on goal from Valladolid

Valencia suffered a serious setback this afternoon in a tie against Valladolid. An excessive and cruel punishment for who made more deserves , played better and created more chances against a rival who materialized the tie on a set piece in his only shot on goal in 90 minutes. Football, however, does not understand justice and only rewards efficiency . The one that did not have, for example, Rodrigo, in the launching of a maximum penalty. [Narration and statistics]

Rodrigo wanted to pull galons, in a very brave gesture , the truth, but in the situation that lives Valencia, the international responsibility was charged unnecessarily . Calero committed an innocent penalty on Mina. Parejo is the specialist of the team, but Rodrigo insistently asked him to leave it to him and embraced the ball. And he executed the penalty in 53 in the worst possible way, with pause, allowing Masip to read the direction of the shot and show off again in the rebound that Mina chased immediately afterwards.

It was the opportunity that Valencia had been waiting for after their offensive and unsuccessful monologue in the first half. The lost opportunity meant a mental test for a team that was already in the grip of nerves, which did not despair at the ultra-defensive proposal of the pucelanos.

And it was Parejo , who is always for the good and for the bad, who raised his hand in the most critical moments and pulled leadership . That is why it was unleashed as it had never done before in a celebration after scoring the goal that Valencia had so much sought. Justice was done and he did not hesitate to go to the bench to embrace Marcelino , a constant sufferer since the season began.

But it is seen that this is not the year of Valencia because despite dominating and leaving the soul, he received a blow in the only shot between the three sticks made by Valladolid in the second half. A great goal by Alcaraz , of which one in ten enters. And in Mestalla was a goal, of course, remembering other parties of the same court. Domain and local chances and goals from the opponent with very few arrivals.

Extreme situations

The duel showed the extreme sensations of both teams. Valladolid enjoy when it acts as a visitor based on a great defensive wear and Valencia suffers as a local, although he was the ball and the chances as many other times.

That was one of the premises of Valladolid in Mestalla, give the ball to Valencia and not leave gaps until out of control. The other was to put two guardians like Villa and Plano so that Parejo would not think, although he always found Coslada's moments to create and invent.

In just ten minutes, Valencia knew how to break the enemy lines but without the determination that Marcelino demands. Rodrigo served a good pass with the outside to Carlos Soler, who stamped the ball on the side of Masip's net. Then it was Carlos Soler who hung at the far post Cheryshev, who rocked the ball to center in the direction of Rodrigo, who did not reach to finish in goal.

Valencia, despite the pressure and demands on his body, started well, concentrated and sent on the pitch, regardless of whether his playmaker looked at them and wished to get rid of Villa and Plano. Coslada suffered one fault after another in the early stages.

With much more dominance than occasions, Valencia endured with patience the match that was presented by the opponent . In front I had a Valladolid that printed a strong defensive, rubbery rhythm, which forced the Valencia to spin fine to be able to provoke some crack or failure in the wall pucelano. Despite his insufficient determination in the last meters, he did not give up. Nor Valladolid, careful not to raffle any ball in the area of ​​action of Parejo. He held crouched, ready to play with the rival's craving and wait for his moment, which did not arrive in the first act. By contrast, Valencia enjoyed the best opportunity in the most elaborate play. Carlos Soler, a supplier of centers, got away from Nacho and focused on the area; the ball was dead after a rebound. Cheryshev, with all face and Masip already sold, crossed too incomprehensibly.

Even pull the cart

And so the script was repeated in the second part. The Valencia, to touch of corneta of Parejo, sent the equipment upwards. The occasions followed, but the nonsense happened in front of the goal. The horizon could be cleared if Rodrigo had transformed Calero's penalty on Mina, or if Mina had pushed the ball in the same goalmouth. The match was arranged by the best of the match, Parejo, after beating Masip with an accurate shot. To seven of the end, with the Valencia savoring the triumph, the Valladolid knocked on the door of Neto of frank blow. Perfectly executed by Alcaraz to leave in silence to Mestalla, who does not leave the hole.

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