"Be waiting for revenge and took it": what did they say in Russia after the men's pursuit at the KM stage in Oberhof

The unfortunate performance of Alexander Loginov in the pursuit in Oberhof could partly be the result of psychological pressure. So says the head of the Russian Biathlon Union Vladimir Drachev, who recalled that after winning the sprint, the Russian had become the object of criticism from other athletes. In turn, the two-time Olympic champion Dmitry Vasilyev believes that it was not criticism, but the euphoria from the first victory at the KM stage that affected Loginov’s condition. At the same time, experts believe that the biathlete is in good shape and showed a decent result in difficult weather conditions.

After the ambiguous reaction of biathlonists Martin Fourcade and Sebastian Samuelsson to the victory of Russian Alexander Loginov in the sprint race at the Biathlon World Cup stage, many fans expected the atmosphere in Oberhof to be extremely tense. However, the pursuit took its course. The winner in it was the Norwegian Johannes Bo. The silver medal went to the German Arnd Peiffer. Three leaders locked Italian Lukas Hofer.

As for the Russian himself, he failed to repeat his success. He managed to become the fifth, despite four admitted misses. The athlete himself did not comment on the race in any way, however many experts had an assumption that after Friday's experiences he was not in the best emotional state, and therefore could not demonstrate everything he was capable of.

Thus, the President of the Russian Biathlon Union (SBR), Vladimir Drachev, urged to treat with understanding the unsuccessful performance of Loginov, taking into account the current situation.

“Alexander made mistakes today, was left without a medal in the pursuit, but there is nothing wrong with that. Given the psychological burden after yesterday’s race in the form of a twofold attitude towards his victory, today's race gave him a good experience on the eve of the World Championships in Sweden in the form of a start from the first place. It is more expensive and more valuable than any victory, ”the TASS official quotes.

Many biathletes could not cope with the snowfall and thick fog that descended on Oberhof before the start of the competition day. However, Drachev noted that in the case of Loginov, one should not write off failure for bad weather.

“Conditions hindered everyone today. Athletes reacted differently to them, someone succeeded, someone did not. This is biathlon, as always, it delays its intrigue, the rate of fire and the excitement of the struggle, ”he added.

A similar point of view was expressed by the double Olympic champion Dmitry Vasilyev. According to him, the Russian would be able to stay in the top three, if he allowed at least one miss less.

“A small whiff of breeze in one shooting - and Loginov has not the same result. But this is normal, this is biathlon. Of course, he got off at the first counter - it’s a bit too much, ”said the President of the St. Petersburg Biathlon Federation in an interview with Sport Express.

In addition, he suggested that it was not the excitement after the events of the previous day that prevented Loginov, but excessive self-confidence and joy from the first personal victory at the World Cup stage.

“The man was in a certain euphoria. Even Bjoerndalen went through this: after success there is a feeling that hinders recovery. Therefore, Alexander was hard. Tomorrow the situation will improve already, because the relay is psychologically much easier, ”concluded Vasiliev.

Vladimir Barnashov, the former head of the SBR coaching council, said that Loginov wanted too much to outrun Fourcade at the very beginning of the race, which led to errors in the first shooting from a standing position. At the same time, his rivals were doubly motivated, amazed by the emergence of a new contender for leadership in modern biathlon.

“Be waited for revenge and took it. By the way the race evolved, this stand became fatal for Loginov and crossed out all his chances in the fight for medals, ”Barnashov is sure.

In turn, the two-time World Championships medalist Andrei Makoveev also noted that Loginov has every right to put the fifth place of the current pursuit into his asset.

“It is evident that Alexander is physically in good shape now. In this race he performed a little worse, perhaps he didn’t sleep well, but it’s not worth saying that he couldn’t run fast the second time in a row. In the beginning it was a bit hard, but the last lap worked well. There were very difficult weather conditions, he can be pleased with the performance, ”quotes the ex-biathlete Sportbox.

Fortunately, this time the confrontation between the rivals was limited to battles on the track. During the flower ceremony, Loginov shook hands with Fourcade and Be, and the athletes parted ways.

However, it is too early to say that the conflict has been completely settled. The Russian is still self-righteous and is ready to personally prove it to his “offenders”.

“In all my interviews, everything is usually turned upside down, but to constantly refute it will be too long. Meeting with Fourcade? I am ready to meet him and talk, ”the athlete said on Match TV.

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