Collapse even at wind speed below the standard Cooling facility for research reactor Ibaraki Oct. 9 17:54

The typhoon No. 15 last month collapsed the cooling facility for research reactors in Ibaraki, but the wind speed at that time was below the building design standards, and the Japan Atomic Energy Agency continued to investigate the cause. continue, we summarized the report late in prospect next month.

On the 9th of last month, the facility for cooling the research reactor of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency in Oarai, Ibaraki Prefecture collapsed due to the influence of Typhoon # 15.

Regarding this, the JAEA confirmed the instantaneous wind speed with the anemometer on the premises, and the maximum was 30.9 meters at a location of 10 meters and the maximum was 44.5 meters at a location of 40 meters. I found that the maximum instantaneous wind speed was below 63 meters.

Japan Atomic Energy Agency, the collapse is seen that there is a possibility that the overlapping factors other than high winds, continue to advance the investigation, we want to submit a report to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to prospect the end of next month.

The facility was built about 50 years ago and is about 17 meters high and 30 meters wide. Some are made of wood, and pipes for cooling water are installed inside. The abolition has already been decided, there is no radioactive material inside, and there is no leakage.

“The JAEA has a lot of old facilities to be abolished. It is very difficult to safely proceed with the abolition of facilities that do not generate profits.” It ’s a problem. ”