Brexit: Vote again?

Because their parliamentarians can not find a way out, more and more Britons are calling for a second EU referendum. The followers of Brexit smell betrayal.

In fact, it is not the fault of Prime Minister Theresa May that she can not, as the majority of British voters wanted on 23 June 2016. The fact that Britain's departure from the EU is more complicated than imagined is more due to Henry II, the English king who chained Ireland to his empire in the 12th century. Today - late and completely unplanned revenge - Ireland is chaining Britain to the EU. Although the divorce process with Brussels has been sucking in almost all political energies in Westminster for months, the Brexit vote has not yet become a reasonable Brexit plan. In any case, there is still no plan that has the prospect of a majority in the British Parliament. Because the British voted in June 2016 for their government to deliver something impossible: to leave the EU without establishing a forbidden external border on the neighboring island of Ireland.