Expressen reports that Walther Sommerlath, the brother of Queen Silvia of Sweden, has died.

- The grief and loss I feel is great, the queen herself states in her official statement.

Walther Ludwig Sommerlath died Friday at Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm.

The Queen's brother has two children, Patrick and Sophie Sommerlath.

Patrick lives with his children in Stockholm and Sophie in California.

Walther and Patrick SommerlathPicture: Charles Hammarsten / IBL Bildbyrå / mvphotos

Walther Sommerlath was born in 1934 in Brazil.

Queen Silvia is the youngest of the family's siblings.

His other brothers are Ralph de Toledo Sommerlath, who was born in 1929, and Jörg, who died in February 2006 at the age of 64.

Walther Sommerlath last lived in Drottningholm near his sister.

According to Svensk Dam, he moved from Italy to Sweden earlier this year.

Walther Sommerlath and Ingrid Sommerlath at the wedding of Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist. Photo: Charles Hammarsten / IBL Bildbyrå / mvphotos

Sommerlath lived in the old home of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, about 50 meters from the Royal Palace.

- I can confirm that the Queen's brother has been living in Drottningholm for some time, the court spokeswoman Margareta Thorgren told the newspaper some time ago.