The forty-year milestone is, for many, a time of interim financial life.

You have to look back and listen to your dreams for the future.

Heidi Kinnunen, 42, a native of the Helsinki region, also describes last life as a kind of interim financial statement for her life.

Kinnunen, a partner in the restaurant business, had worked closely with her husband for the last few years.

However, the division of work and leisure began to consume the relationship.

The difference was not an option, but change was necessary.

- Our marriage started to get tight.

My husband and I made the decision that I could try my own wings, Kinnunen says.

During Midsummer on a dog run, Kinnunen got more energy and decided to call his old acquaintance in Northern Finland.

An acquaintance who runs the resort center in Utsjoki promised to consider whether Kinnunen could be of help to the company.

When an acquaintance said yes to the job offer after a short break, Kinnunen made a big decision.

- I gave up my share of the restaurant business altogether.

I decided that now is the time to live, not just a man’s dream, but also my own dream.

Kinnunen, who had been a mother for half of her life, felt that she had lived a lot of her life only through children.

Understanding the limitations of life made Kinnunen realize that sometimes it would be good to think about oneself as well.

- The need to see and experience something for myself was enormous, Kinnunen recalls.

The move to Utsjoki brought peace

Kinnunen's new residence is located in the municipality of Utsjoki with approximately 1,200 inhabitants.

A holiday home built on the slopes of the Ailigas fell is for rent, but absolutely perfect for those tired of the stress of the city.

The landscapes turn magical right from the front door.

Kinnunen's Spanish water dog Coco joins the joggers.

- I'm really essential nature.

I've always suunnistanut city closest natural sites.

Walking with the dog in nature brings peace to the heart.

Utsjoki is an ideal place for those who want peace anyway.

The pace of life has slowed down overall, the rush is gone.

- There is magic in Lapland.

Many are enchanted so that they never go back, Kinnunen points out.

Kinnunen's new job is located lower in the village, next to the Teno River.

There, in a local holiday village, he works in marketing, photography and restaurant work.

There is a need for extra hands, as there is little supply of foreign labor this winter.

The individualism of the South is astonishing

For Kinnunen, the North is above all a place where a woman tries her own wings for the first time in a long time.

Peace has descended into the heart, which was not possible in the hectic south.

- There is really no hurry for anything in Lapland.

Schedules are not as stressful as in the South.

The heart is also warmed by community support.

The locals have warmly welcomed the southern girl.

Belonging to a small village community has made adjustment easy.

Moving north has opened Kinnunen's eyes to what is valuable.

He questions the far-reaching individualism of Southern Finland.

Even many families are lonely in the south, when families and families are sometimes reluctantly separated into different localities.

- Everyone is in the south like Jokinen's lunch, wide open.

There is no such thing here.

Relatives take care of each other.

It is quite normal for entrepreneurs to work long days, but grandparents take care of the children during that time, Kinnunen says.

The process must continue

Although the north feels like a place you wouldn't want to leave for the time being, Kinnunen reminds you that he is in the middle of the process.

The purpose of the detachment is to find out for himself what he wants from the future.

It is temporaryness that has brought to life a sense of freedom that feels good.

The best part is that the children who stay in the south also support their mother’s solution.

Two of them are already adults, the youngest live with their father.

- Sometimes I miss children terribly, but everyone supports me.

This is our common decision.

If Kinnunen ever returns south, it is clear that he will come back richer in many new skills.

Creating snow in the north requires muscles differently than elsewhere.

There is also a snowmobile in the garage waiting for its driver.

- I've learned to cope with the everyday work without the man, the author notes.

Whether Utsjoki becomes a permanent residence for Kinnunen or not, it is clear that Finland's northernmost municipality is the finest place to find itself.

- Life here is a little above normal.

Literally, Kinnunen laughs.

Thinking of a breakout?

Take note of these

Heidi Kinnunen, who moved from south to north, encourages everyone to take off if there is a burning desire to do so.

However, a few things are good to arrange before you leave.

Remember these:

  • Many dream but do not realize their dreams.

    Be brave!

    Making a dream come true requires a decision.

  • If you change your location, do not go blank.

    Choose a place where you have your contacts ready.

    That way you don’t fall on top of nothing.