Mongolian cultural ambassador Unro Janchiv is outraged by Max Verstappen’s speeches at the Portuguese GP weekend.

Janchiv was angry after Verstappen barked at his rival Lance Stroll for “lagging” and “Mongol” after the duo were close to colliding in Friday’s rehearsals.

Verstappen made the matter worse by skipping the matter with a shrug later when asked about his offensive speeches.

- It's not my problem, Verstappen acknowledged and left the interview.

- Isn't that my problem ?!

Was the whole team from the We Race As One campaign?

From Max Verstappen, this has clearly passed, Janchiv uploaded on Twitter.

Janchiv later tweeted about the topic again when it became clear to him that Verstappen had already used the same insult in 2017 against F1 judge Garry Connelly.

He apologized, but only insulted the judge.

The tangle is based on the ambiguity of the word “Mongol” in different languages.

Down syndrome was originally called Mongolism and those born with Down were Mongoloids before the World Health Organization stopped using the term offensive in 1965.

The expression has since survived as an insult, which Verstappen now used as well.

In the letter, Mongolian culture activist Uugana Ramsay demanded a public apology from Verstappen.

- We are shocked and disappointed that F1 did not stand up to this stigma despite its historical weight.

We will raise the issue with them, Ramsay wrote.

- In many countries, the word is used as an insult.

There are several campaigns around the world that seek to stop the offensive use of the word “Mongoloid”.

The purpose is to promote the original purpose of the word, which refers to the culture, language and people of the Mongol people.