The restaurant company Noho Partners asks the Ombudsman to investigate the legality of the activities of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health during the preparation of the proposed amendment to the Infectious Diseases Act and the Government Decree in the restaurant sector, Noho says in his press release.

At the beginning of October, the government decided to extend the restrictions on the restaurant sector until the end of February next year.

According to Noho, the government’s proposal lacks detailed justification for the need for measures to curb the corona pandemic.

According to the company, the way in which restrictive measures can be relaxed and tightened regionally by a Government decree is also “problematic” from the point of view of the Constitution.

It also states that the constitutional rights to freedom of establishment and the protection of property have not been sufficiently taken into account in the preparation of the provisions on restrictive measures.

In the company's view, this was a "significant restriction of fundamental rights" and thus the government should have included in the proposal and in the explanatory memorandum a review of other regulatory options less restrictive of business freedom and property protection, the importance of industry measures and the need for regulation.