India: police accused of wanting to cover up rape of "untouchable" in Uttar Pradesh

Indian activists from the NGO All India Progressive Women's Association (AIPWA) at a rally on October 1 in Bangalore, after the rape of an "untouchable" (Dalit) in Uttar Pradesh.

Manjunath Kiran / AFP

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In India, anger does not abate following the rape and murder, in Uttar Pradesh, of an “untouchable” - the populations most excluded from Indian society.

Hundreds of people demonstrated in New Delhi on Friday as police are suspected of wanting to cover up the case.


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With our correspondent in India


Côme Bastin

About 500 people demonstrated on Friday, October 2, in front of the Jantar Mantar astronomical site in New Delhi.

This is five times more than what the police had authorized.


came together following the rape of an " 





which sparked a national scandal.

The victim died.

The opposition and minority groups accuse the police in the state of

Uttar Pradesh

, where the incident took place, of wanting to cover up the culprits.

This indeed burned the body of the victim against the advice of the family, then prohibited access to journalists and politicians.


The Uttar Pradesh police have full immunity and violate all laws.

I have never seen such a horrific case in 35

years of activism.

The rule of law must be restored there.

Parents should have access to a lawyer and the media.

The chief minister of the state must also resign,

 ”claims Kavita Srivastava, secretary general of the human rights organization PUCL.

She participated in protests in Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi.

For its part, the government of Uttar Pradesh claims to have found no traces of rape during the autopsy.

This Saturday, the opposition leader Rahul Gandhi was authorized to go there, after being prevented from doing so on Thursday.


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