• Vannini murder.

    Appeal bis, Pg asks for 14 years for the Ciontoli family for voluntary murder


September 30, 2020 The sentence has arrived.

14 years for Antonio Ciontoli, material perpetrator of the murder and 9 years for his family members who did not lift a finger to save the victim, Marco Vannini

The judges of the second section of the Court of Assizes of Appeal of Rome entered the council chamber to decide on the request for a 14-year sentence for the entire Ciontoli family accused of voluntary murder with possible intent for the death of Marco Vannini which occurred in Ladispoli in May 2015. In the second appeal process, after the ruling of the Cassation which asked to recognize the most serious accusation for the Ciontoli compared to manslaughter, the pg urged the conviction for the head of the family Antonio Ciontoli and for the wife Maria Pizzillo and children Federico and Martina, the latter girlfriend of Vannini.

In the alternative, the prosecution asked to hold only Ciontoli's family members responsible for an anomalous complicity in murder and to sentence them to a sentence of 9 years and 4 months of imprisonment.

Vannini was killed by a gunshot fired by Antonio Ciontoli while he was in the bathroom of the house in Ladispoli.

"A second after the shot the illegal conduct was triggered - said the pg Vincenzo Saveriano during the replies -. All the subjects remained inert, they did not lift a finger to help Marco. A full competition, a full awareness of what Antonio Ciontoli wanted to do, that is, not to let people know about the shot. Between Marco's life and the job of the head of the family, they chose the second thing ".

The lawyer Franco Coppi, lawyer of the Vanninis, hopes "a just sentence, we don't want money".

Ciontoli: "I ask forgiveness, I am the only responsible"

"I know that I am not the victim but the only one responsible for this tragedy. On my skin I feel how unbearable it can be, because it is unnatural, having to endure the death of a boy of twenty, beautiful like the sun and as good as bread ".

These are some of the spontaneous statements made by Antonio Ciontoli in the appeal trial for the death of Marco Vannini, killed the night between 17 and 18 May 2015 while he was at his girlfriend's house in Ladispoli, a center of the Roman coast.

"I appeal to the benefit of the doubt - added Ciontoli -. I ask forgiveness for what I have committed and also for what I have not committed. No minister, no journalist, no ordinary person should feel compelled to indulge in anger. No one should replace himself. to a judge. Whatever the judicial sentence, I know that only the excruciating pain of all the people who love Marco will remain. Only the awareness of how beautiful Marco was and could still be and that because of my mistake it will not be ".

The man had been sentenced in the first instance to a 14-year prison sentence for voluntary homicide.

The appellate judges instead sentenced him to 5 but for manslaughter.

Sentence contested by the Court of Cassation, which requested an appeal process bis.

In the courtroom Marina Conte and Valerio Vannini, Marco's parents who attended all the hearings as in previous trials.