Kari Kettunen is a happy man.

- Absolutely great feelings!

Kettunen rejoiced on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday, he became the only Finn to be able to celebrate the 2019–2020 Stanley Cup championship.

At the same time, Dallas Stars' Finnish players Miro Heiskanen, Roope Hintz, Joel Kiviranta and Esa Lindell were bitterly disappointed in the match played in Edmonton.

Kettunen, 54, is a talent scout at Tampa Bay Lightning in Europe.

The man looked at his home in Espoo when his club defeated Stars 2-0 in the decisive sixth final and took the final series 4-2.

Normally, he would also have watched the finals of the 2019–2020 season from the gallery, but due to the corona pandemic, traveling to North America was not possible.

- It was stressful to watch the decisive match.

I watched the game at home in the middle of the night.

In the past, I have been in the finals on the ground once again the victor and loser.

There, it’s easier to adapt to watching games when there are like-minded people around, a respected talent scout sighed.

Kari Kettunen has won two Stanley Cups: in 2004 and 2020. Photo: Anneli Grönfors

Tampa Bay Lightning was a favorite for the NHL champion.

The team eventually rolled to number one completely irresistibly.

- Now it seems to be our turn to win.

In previous seasons, we had done well in the regular season and advanced well in the playoffs.

We had experience, skills and also enough hunger.

- These playoffs were also a reminder of how difficult it is to reach the Stanley Cup.

There are 31 teams in the NHL, 24 of which played the playoffs.

After the Stanley Cup victory was secured, Kettunen pressed into the swimming pool in Espoo, where he has been exercising quite diligently.

- It's a lapse now.

I got to swim there in peace.

No one recognized him as a recent Stanley Cup winner, he laughed when asked about it.

- I've been trying to keep kuntoani above a swim.

Sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less.

Kettunen intends to celebrate the success of Tampa Bay Lightning, which he describes as a great organization, quite moderately.

- Maybe a couple of acquaintances will come and we'll put a little better on the table, he planned.

- I read somewhere that the Stanley Cup trophy is not supposed to be brought to Europe.

And yes, I don’t really miss such celebrations.

The players took care of that championship for us: this is their party.

They have spent 65 days in a “bubble”.

I wonder if one more day will go there.

Kettunen, who made an effort from Kuopio to the world, once played in KalPa's juniors and then appeared in the German sub-series in the 1980s.

He has been with Tampa Bay Lightning since 1998. In addition to his main job, he was the player coordinator for Espoo Blues in the Finnish Championship League season 2013–14.

- I like hockey.

I watched 150 matches a year when I didn’t have this job.

Scout Tina I found 327 matches a year live.

You don’t even have to get to the same readings every year, because there’s little more to life than hockey.

- I don't watch hockey matches on TV - except for our team's games.

The ice rink has its own feel.

I like that atmosphere and I like to be there in time before the matches start.

Tampa Bay Lightning bellied Dallas Stars in the exciting NHL final series. Photo: Jason Franson / MVPhotos / ZUMA

Kettunen received his first Stanley Cup ring in the summer of 2004. His handprint was naturally also visible in the fall 2019 hero group.

- This is teamwork.

Of course, European players have been watching European players.

It is not worth recommending and booking bad players, because otherwise there will be shit, Kettunen reminded of his calm style.

The agreement between Kettunen and Lightning will also continue next season.

- I'll be happy to keep up.

The competition is really fierce in general.

You have to be hardworking in this job.

I like the fact that I've had to work with so-called.

as my Lord.