Viking Amorella, who ran aground on Sunday, got rid of the mud of the beach jersey on Wednesday.

It was towed to the port of Långnäs on the Åland Islands.

In Långnäs, the ship's cargo was unloaded.

After the ship is emptied, the ship can continue its journey towards Naantali and the repair yard operating there.

Amorella will head to Naantali on Thursday.

In Naantali, accident investigators are starting to investigate the damage in more detail and find out the reason for running aground.

The mystery is still why the ship ran aground in the Åland archipelago.

- We are interested in two things, says Veli-Pekka Nurmi, Director of the Accident Investigation Board.

In addition to the damage to the ship and the cause of the accident, researchers are interested in the structures of the fairway.

- We've looked at the fairway from the surface.

It is planned to continue examining the bus and whether everything is in order there.

Nurmi says the route is one option that will be investigated in the accident.

The study provides direction for further research.

Three tugs and four divers participated in helping Amorella. Photo: Seppo Kärki

Amorella, who traveled from Turku to Stockholm, got ground contact on Sunday in the waters of Hjulgrunde, Åland.

It was driven to the shores of Järsö Island.

Before Tuesday’s towing and transfer of the vessel, water was pumped from the vessel and a dive inspection was conducted on board.

- There was extensive damage to the ship, says Joakim Håkans, CEO of Alfons Håkans, which is responsible for towing.

Håkans says there were their own difficulties in repairing the site.

Four divers arrived from Turku to do repairs.

- You have to be a really skilled repairman and then he is put in the water.

He must be able to do the same there as on earth.

I highly appreciate the divers, Håkans praises.

Amorella is assisted by three tugs. Photo: Seppo Kärki

The towing of the ship began on Tuesday afternoon from the accident site towards Långnäs.

The Amorella was towed to the port of Långnäs by three tugs from Alfons Håkans: Neptun, Jupiter and Kraft.

- Everything has gone according to the script, there have been no surprises, Joakim Håkans explained on Tuesday night.

In the port of Långnäs, Amorella's cargo was unloaded and the temporary repairs made on board were inspected.

Amorella was loaded with about 40 trucks and the same number of cars.

Håkans says the cargo was going to Sweden.

The tugs assisted Amorella in the port of Långnäs on Tuesday. Photo: Seppo Kärki

The towing of Amorella towards Naantali will start on Thursday.

Joakin Håkans estimates that the voyage takes twice as long as normal.

Amorella needs to be towed slowly.

- The speed must be adapted to the damage to the ground.

Drive quietly and in a controlled manner to avoid further damage.

Håkans adds that the divers have got the bottom of the Amorella so well patched that not much water can leak into the ship.

- The vessel is well controlled with very little pumping.

Amore has an old acquaintance with the shipping company.

The last time the shipping company assisted Amorella was in December 2013, when it last ran aground.

The scene of the accident is close to the current location.

In Naantali, Amorella's rehabilitation work will begin after the Accident Investigation Board has reviewed the damage.

Nurmi says that accident investigators have already made preliminary investigations and talks in Långnäs.

In Naantali, they hear the ship's crew in more detail.

- So far, we have wanted to calm down that game and we haven't pressed it terribly, Nurmi explains.