The government of the President of the

United States, Donald Trump,

unilaterally declared this Saturday that all international sanctions against

Iran have been


and warned that it will adopt measures, in addition to threatening



who oppose it.

"Today, the US welcomes the return of virtually

all previously terminated UN sanctions

against the Islamic Republic of Iran,

the world's leading sponsor of terrorism and anti-Semitism,

" the US Secretary of State said in a statement,

Mike Pompeo.

The Foreign Minister recalled in the note that his country began a procedure before the UN in August to reestablish all international sanctions against Iran that were lifted with the

2015 nuclear agreement

(from which Washington withdrew in 2018), arguing that


has breached their obligations.

However, the majority of

the Security Council

- including the rest of the powers with the right of veto -

consider that the United States does not have the right

to use this mechanism, since it abandoned the pact in 2018. Thus, the Security Council has not taken any measures, which, in the opinion of the US Government, causes the sanctions to be reimposed


this Saturday, when the one-month period established in that procedure is met.

Pompeo assured that the notification that his country gave to the body in August

"started a 30-day process

that has led to the revocation of the previously terminated UN sanctions, which came into effect at 00:00 GMT on Sunday, September 19."

The head of US diplomacy explained that his country has taken

"this decisive action"

not only because it considers that Tehran has not fulfilled its obligations in the nuclear agreement, but also "because the Security Council has failed to

extend the arms embargo.

from the UN to Iran, which has been in place for 13 years. "

"Fortunately for the world ..."

"The inaction of the Security Council would have paved the way for Iran to buy all kinds of conventional weapons as of October 18," Pompeo stressed. "

Fortunately for the world, the US took



to prevent this from happening."

Consequently, the US has started the process to "restore virtually all the terminated UN sanctions, including the arms embargo."

Pompeo announced that in the next few days

Washigton will

announce a series of

measures to "strengthen the application

of the UN sanctions and hold violators accountable."

And he issued a warning to countries that oppose: "The US hopes that all members of the UN fully comply with their obligations to apply these measures."

"Apart from the arms embargo, this includes restrictions such as a ban on Iran from embarking on enrichment and

activities related to



, a ban on testing and development of ballistic missiles by Iran, and sanctions. on the transfer of nuclear and missile-related technology to Iran, "he detailed.

And he warned that if the UN members do not comply "with their obligations to implement these sanctions, the US is ready to use its domestic authorities to impose consequences for these rulings and guarantee that Iran does not reap the benefits of an activity prohibited by the UN. ".

France, Germany and the United Kingdom

stressed on Friday that, in their opinion, international sanctions against Iran will continue without effect beyond this Saturday, when the US defends that they enter into force.

In a letter to the UN Security Council,

Paris, Berlin and London

insisted that the US move has no "legal effect" and that, therefore, any measure taken on the basis of it does not have it either.

This matter is expected to be one of the points of interest of the

UN General

Assembly, which

next week will bring together

leaders from around the world



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