A female passenger on the Viking Amorella who drove aground says that the atmosphere on the ship is calm.

Many passengers are wearing life jackets and are directed to the ship’s upper deck and conference facilities.

The female passenger says it is half an hour to an hour to run aground.

The collision felt like a shake in the ship, but it did not result in any of its greater panic.

- It's very calm here.

I hear there is a stable situation here, the passenger describes.

The ship, he said, has not had to be evacuated, but according to information he received from a friend, a sea rescue is coming to the scene.

However, it is not exactly known whether passengers will be transported away by another vessel or whether an attempt will be made to move a ship on board.

- This is a short trip to Långnäs, so it may be that we will be transported there.

Further instructions are expected in the conference room.Picture: Reader's image

Image: Reader image

The passenger was traveling from Turku to Mariehamn with his friend for the night.

He travels by ship alone.

Driving aground was, of course, a big surprise for an experienced female traveler, but it didn’t cause fear.

- I've traveled a lot in Asia and gone there a lot poorer boats.

There is credit for Finnish ships in a completely different way.

The peace of mind is also facilitated by the fact that there is such a trip to the nearest island that you can easily swim there with life jackets.

Passengers are offered rolls, fruit and coffee while waiting.

The Coast Guard received information about the accident against Viking Amorella at about 12.47.

The Western Finland Coast Guard says that the situation of Viking Amorella, which has been in contact with the ground, is stable, and there is no immediate danger to human life.

There is a Marine Rescue Helicopter from the Border Guard.

- Amorella has had ground contact, the Coast Guard is reported.

A large proportion of passengers are wearing life jackets.Picture: Reader's image

There is also a helicopter. Picture: Reader's picture

The ship was on its way from Turku via Mariehamn to Sweden.

According to another passenger present, there was initially a crash, after which the ship swung so that he was dripping out of bed.

- The alarm bells rang and quickly came the information to gather on deck 10. The crew has distributed life jackets to everyone and we have been given water.

The situation is now described as stable, the reader communicates.

Ship alerts have asked passengers to stay calm and wait for more information.

IS monitors the situation moment by moment in this article.

The ship ran aground very close to shore.Photo: Reader's photo