Johan Söderström from Åland is used to seeing cruise ships from the window of his cottage.

However, Viking Amorella, who passed by on Sunday, made him dig up binoculars.

- We were having lunch at our cottage when we suddenly saw that Amorella had leaned sharply towards the starboard side and slowed down.

It looked very suspicious, so we took the binoculars and tried to find out what had happened, Söderström times.

- We also heard several announcements from the ship, but we did not find out about them.

After a few minutes, the ship returned to balance.

Then we heard the leave ship beep and realized that the situation seemed to be pretty serious.

Next, Söderström headed for his boat and set sail for Amorella.

- We wanted to find out how bad the situation was and whether we could help in any way.

According to Söderström, the atmosphere at the scene of the accident was calm.Photo: Johan Söderström

Fortunately, no help was needed, but Söderström was still left to monitor the situation from a distance.

- We were the first boat on site and it was a pretty strange sight.

However, the people on board seemed calm.

We also saw that no lifeboats were dropping down, so the situation seemed to be under control.

Söderström filmed a live broadcast of the upcoming rescue operation on the YouTube channel of IFK Mariehamn’s junior team, as he tends to stream 14-year-old boys ’team games.

- The channel was ready for it, so I started streaming there.

Söderström says the Sunday experience was completely new to him, as he was not at his cottage in December 2013, when Amorella ran aground in roughly the same location.