The great


, huge in every way, has premiered a program on Canal Sur, and although it was not the first time he said it, he surprised his forcefulness when defending

Paloma Cuevas

: "He was not a gentleman," said


, who is ugly not by his love but by his exhibition with

Ana Soria

, "humiliating the woman who has been with you for more than 20 years, is the mother of your daughters and has eaten all your brown and your bad days."

Ponce, in his cloud, will not feel it, but takes a lunge to the ball.

Antonio David's stink bomb


Carmen Borrego

could erase the exclusive from last week, in which she assured that

Rociíto will

never forgive


, the Campos in general and she in particular would have saved many annoyances.

Antonio David

, Rociitín's father, that is, Rocío Flores, did not respond to the scorn but instead attacked Carmen Borrego with two unexpected bombs.

One was what is popularly called a stink bomb, unpleasant but short-lived: the existence of a "secret" brother, not the son of

María Teresa

, who was actually only discreet and known, but had been forgotten.

The other was a cluster bomb, which leads to explosions: the sentence that deprived Carmen Borrego of custody of her children years ago, when it was difficult for a mother to experience that in Spain.

But the fetid was also a cluster: a trial of the brother for an affair with minors through which he was acquitted, but which today is very difficult to manage.

We will check it.

The cluster bomb against Carmen

Naturally, the Campos have nothing to do with what that man could do, who is now in his sixties.

Worse is the case of the Antonio David cluster bomb: the sentence of the separation process of Carmen and her husband, a formal man who works at RNE and who obtained custody of their children, at a somewhat disorderly time in the life of Carmen.

The lawsuits have lasted for fourteen years, from custody to property, and the children are now married divinely with their mother.

But immediately the sentence of yore came to Sálvame, which does not exactly favor Carmen.

Can it be published like Rociitín's?

Only if it is in the public interest.

And who defines that interest, and more after the cited case?

Save me will be taking individual data, never together.

And with Carmen in the pillory we come to Christmas.

Sugar overdose for Ágatha

Gone are the times when each television appearance of

Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada

was a tasty mixture of imprecations and resentment against

The Unnameable

and his successor on the thalamus.


Lazos de Sangre

, her boyfriend

Luis Gasset

showed up with a huge bouquet of red flowers to get "a smile from you."

The syrup overflowed, many slipped down the steps and the diabetic coma threatened a long million viewers.

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