Athens (dpa) - The hurricane "Ianos" and another storm low over the North Aegean caused severe damage in large parts of Greece on Saturday night.

In central Greece, a woman and a man were killed and another woman went missing.

Many could not leave their homes due to flooding, said the fire department on Saturday morning.

More than 600 people were rescued from apartments or otherwise rescued by rescue workers.

The Athens - Thessaloniki train connection was interrupted due to damage to the railway line.

Pictures and videos on social media and in Greek media show the trail of the devastation: fallen trees and electricity pylons, cars washed away, sailboats washed ashore by the wind and waves or sunk in the harbor.

In many places streets are under water.

During the course of Saturday, "Ianos" will pass the west coast of the island of Crete, while it will remain stormy in the North Aegean.

A medicane like "Ianos" is a storm depression that can form in the Mediterranean region towards the end of summer when the water there is still high.

As soon as the storm reaches the mainland, it becomes less violent - in this case "Ianos" moved south along the west coast of Greece.

In the past few years, Greece has been hit by storms and heavy rain, and injuries and deaths are often to be mourned.

Older Greeks assure that such severe storms never happened before.

"I was up to my waist in the water," said an 86-year-old to the Skai TV station in the badly affected city of Karditsa.

"We used to have storms, but never as violent."

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