A medicane came ashore in Greece on Friday morning (local time).

The very severe storm, called Ianos, brings gusts of wind up to 110 kilometers per hour, heavy rainfall and high waves in the coastal region.

The storm has tropical features and originated over the Mediterranean.

Similar storms are therefore also called a medicane;

a composition of Mediterranean Sea and



A medicane is quite rare.

The last medic for Ianos was Zorba, who traveled across Greece in September 2018.

The medicane arrived in the western coastal region around 5:30 am.

Previously, Ianos already brought heavy rain and strong gusts of wind to Zakyntos, writes the Greek news medium



The storm is expected to move further inland on Friday.

It is still uncertain what exactly Ianos's course will be.

For the severe weather conditions, the Greek weather service has declared code red for, among others, the Athens region.

Medicane #Cassilda has made landfall in Argostoli, Greece with winds of 110 km / h.

Flash flooding is likely to be a major threat throughout Greece during today and into tomorrow and Sunday.



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