The start of the final qualifiers for the Arab Reading Challenge at the country level in its fifth session

The final qualifiers at the state level were launched from the Arab Reading Challenge, the largest Arab reading initiative included in the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, in a phase that continues for months and includes 52 countries that participated in this year's Challenge. At its conclusion, the champions of the challenge will be chosen at the level of each country. , In preparation for crowning the fifth Arab Reading Challenge champion.

These qualifiers are conducted virtually via video communication technology by specialized committees, in conjunction with the increase in the number of participants in this session exceeding 20 million students from 14 Arab countries and 38 other countries around the world, representing more than 96 thousand schools under the supervision of more than 134 thousand supervisors And supervisor.

Egypt topped the Arab countries in terms of the number of participants in the fifth session of the Arab Reading Challenge with 13.3 million participants, followed by Morocco with 1.558 million participants, Jordan with 1.5 million participants, Sudan with 1.2 million participants, Saudi Arabia with one million participants, and then Mauritania with more than From 553 thousand participants, the UAE with more than 450 thousand participants, Palestine with 439 thousand participants, Algeria with 426 thousand participants, Bahrain with 154 thousand participants, Kuwait with more than 85 thousand participants, Tunisia with 65 thousand participants, Lebanon with 11 thousand participants, and Oman with more than 5000 participant.

Throughout the challenge stages, students participate in a series of interim qualifiers, which start with qualifiers at the school level, and then at the level of directorates and educational districts, where the first of them are chosen to compete in the final competitions at the level of each country within the final qualifiers in order to determine the top ten at the state level , And choose the champion of each state from among them.

Jordan was the first country in which the Challenge Qualifiers were launched at the country level for this year, under the supervision of more than 7,000 supervisors and supervisors from 3,434 schools, in order to evaluate the performance of students and students participating in this year's edition of the Arab Reading Challenge of various academic levels in the Kingdom’s schools.


His Excellency Dr. Tayseer Al-Nuaimi, the Jordanian Minister of Education, said: “The Ministry of Education has begun implementing the Arab Reading Challenge initiative, one of the initiatives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, within its plan in line with the initiative of His Highness Crown Prince Hussein (may God protect him) initiative (z) Which emphasizes pride in the Arabic language and urges reading, as it improves knowledge and increases the students' linguistic outcome, as well as works to develop higher thinking skills, analysis and logical criticism.

He added: “On Monday 10/8/2020, the competition for the Arab Reading Challenge 2020 was launched at the level of the Kingdom in all education directorates, with the participation of 495 students from among the finest participating students, who completed reading more than 50 books in the 2019/2020 academic year.

His Excellency affirmed that the pioneering idea of ​​applying this competition in its electronic form is considered a renaissance in the axis of e-learning, as its procedures and implementation mechanisms have proven their success as an important part of student activities, e-learning and distance learning in an interactive manner, with a focus on taking care of putting in place all necessary procedures to ensure the safety of the participating students and to ensure the distance Social.

The seasons of the final qualifiers in the participating Arab countries follow in succession. On August 14, the Challenge Qualifiers will start at the level of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, which included more than half a million participants in this session, with the participation of 1000 supervisors and supervisors to choose the champion of the Arab Reading Challenge in its fifth session at the state level. .

Educational mobility

With regard to the final qualifiers for the challenge in Mauritania, which began on August 14, 2020, His Excellency Mohamed Maa Al-Ainain Ould Ayeh, Minister of Education of Mauritania, affirmed that the Arab Reading Challenge initiative organized by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives Foundation is an exceptional initiative to empower students in various parts of the Arab region and the world. From the development of their linguistic communicative competencies and their general competencies, as it is a way to honor the distinguished among them in the field of reading, reading and achievement, and it is completely in line with the options of His Excellency the President of the Republic, Mr. Mohamed Ould Sheikh Al-Ghazwani, which the government of His Excellency the Prime Minister Muhannadi Mohamed Ould Bilal takes to embody it on the ground, as it makes The educational and intellectual mobility that was the fruit of the positive initiative for the challenge and opened the way to our students by opening windows to the vast world with its diversity and different cultures.

He pointed out that: "The intensive participation of Mauritanian students in the fifth edition of the challenge reflects its importance as a lever for the education system and educational values ​​and as a supporter of the place of the Arabic language in our schools and educational institutions."

His Excellency the Minister added, "We are looking forward in our education system to benefit from all resources that support the educational process and provide tributary knowledge resources that provide students with the means to learn about the latest science, literature and innovations. The Arab reading challenge is a means of encouraging our children and youth to read in a global competition." This year included more than 553,000 participants from our primary and secondary educational institutions, and it is also a way to inspire them to broaden their horizons and perceptions in parallel with their school education in order to become global citizens with their broad culture.

Two million posts

The number of participants in the Arab Reading Challenge continued to rise, cycle by cycle, as about 3.5 million students participated in the first session, and the number doubled in the second session to exceed 7 million students. With the opening of the door for students outside the Arab world to participate in the third session of the challenge, the number of participants reached 10.5 million students, while the number of participants in the fourth session of the challenge exceeded 13.5 million students from 49 countries, until the number of participants in the fifth session reached more than 20 One million students.


Each participating student is required to read and summarize 50 titles in science and literature over the course of their participation in the challenge, under the supervision and guidance of supervisors and teachers in the participating schools.

Space welcome

Her Excellency Muna Al-Kindi, Secretary General of the Arab Reading Challenge, said: “The qualitative increase in the Arab Reading Challenge in its fifth edition was exceptional despite the challenges posed by the spread of the Covid-19 virus, as the fifth version of the challenge achieved a growth in the number of participants by 48% compared to the version. Fourth, while the growth rate compared to the first version was more than 470%, which is an indication that the initiative has succeeded in consolidating its position as the largest and most valuable initiative around the world in supporting the culture of reading in the Arabic language and motivating our children to read and learn.

She added: "When His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai," may God protect him ", launched the Arab Reading Challenge initiative in 2016, the goal was to cognitively empower the young generations in the Arab region, by establishing a culture of reading to prepare generations Consciously informed about the sciences, literature and cultures of the time, it contributes to development paths and actively participates in building human civilization, and this goal is achieved, in turn, thanks to the qualitative turnout of male and female students, the close follow-up of supervisors, school directors and educational districts, and unprecedented cooperation from the various educational and educational institutions active in the countries participating in the challenge. "

Al-Kindi pointed out that: “We have proven through the challenge of Arab reading that the initiatives and projects of the UAE do not stop and do not slow down, and our vision has no limits despite the huge health challenges that the world is going through as a result of the Corona pandemic, but we have increased certainty and determination to spread knowledge, and focused on Benefiting from modern technologies and digital transformation to continue our approach and vision in instilling a culture of reading among our children in the Arab world.Our success today in this challenge is a glimmer of Emirati hope for Arabs, and a message that transcends all boundaries whose focus is that it is impossible for the Arab will to enhance knowledge horizons and preserve the Arabic language. "


The final qualifiers pave the way for the coronation of the champion of this session of the Arab Reading Challenge, which has been crowned to date by four heroes, the student Mohamed Jaloud from Algeria who won the title of the champion of the Arab Reading Challenge in the first session, while the student Afaf Sharif from Palestine won the title in the second session. The Moroccan child Maryam Amjoun won the title in the third session, and the student Hadeel Anwar from Sudan won the title of the fourth edition of the Arab Reading Challenge.


The Arab Reading Challenge, which is part of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, aims to bring about an educational and cognitive renaissance in the Arab world by consolidating the culture of reading among the emerging generations, and dedicating the concept of reading and continuous learning among the youth of the Arab world and the children of Arab communities residing outside the Arab region and Arab learners. Supplying the educational system with a cognitive activity that enhances students' capabilities, expands their perceptions and enriches their linguistic stock, which is reflected in the advancement of the Arabic language, as a tool to contribute to intellectual and cognitive production, promotes the values ​​of civilizational openness and communication with different cultures of the younger generations, and enables it to make constructive contributions in the human knowledge field.

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