China News Service, Beijing, August 13 (Li Jingze) The US-China Business Council recently released the 2020 Membership Survey, which shows that nearly 70% of interviewed US companies are optimistic about the business prospects of the Chinese market in the next five years. In this regard, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said at a regular press conference on the 13th that this has further confirmed the international community’s firm confidence in the Chinese market, China’s business environment and China’s economic development.

  A reporter asked questions. According to reports, the 2020 membership survey released by the US-China Business Council on the 11th showed that nearly 70% of the interviewed US companies are optimistic about the business prospects of the Chinese market in the next five years. Based on the "long-term confidence" in the Chinese market, 87% of the interviewed US companies indicated that they do not plan to move their production lines out of China. What is China's comment?

  "We have noticed the relevant survey data of the US-China Business Council, which further confirms the international community's firm confidence in the Chinese market, China's business environment, and China's economic development." Zhao Lijian said.

  He said that since the beginning of this year, the global spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused a huge impact on the world economy. China's economy has withstood the major test of the epidemic, demonstrating its strong resilience and development potential. The Chinese side effectively controlled the epidemic in a timely and effective manner, comprehensively promoted the resumption of work and production, accelerated the restoration of production and living order, and realized China's economic growth from negative to positive in the second quarter, with the recovery of major indicators and the steady recovery of economic operations.

  He said that at the same time, we continued to expand opening up and actively promoted foreign economic and trade cooperation, which effectively boosted the total world demand and promoted the development of international trade. In the first half of the year, many foreign-funded enterprises continued to expand their investment in China, and there were 320 large foreign-funded projects with an investment of more than US$100 million. Many authoritative international organizations are optimistic about China's economic development prospects, believing that China will inject confidence and momentum into the recovery of the world economy.

  Zhao Lijian pointed out that China has a huge market of 1.4 billion people and a complete industrial supporting system. China will continue to unswervingly expand its opening up, build an open platform, and optimize the business environment. It is believed that China’s development will provide more for companies from all over the world. Opportunities, the cake of win-win cooperation between China and other countries will certainly grow bigger and bigger. (Finish)