On Wednesday, the police arrested five people who are linked to the death of 24-year-old Bas van Wijk in the Amsterdam park De Overlanden. The man was killed on 8 August in broad daylight on a beach near De Oeverlanden park when, according to bystanders, he intervened in the theft of a watch.

Two suspects, men aged 26 and 20 from Amsterdam, have been arrested in Zandvoort. Three men aged 20, 19 and 18 were also arrested at various locations in Amsterdam.

The suspects were taken to a police station after arrest. The police do not want to give details about who the men are and what they are suspected of.

Van Wijk is said to have approached a man when he wanted to steal a watch from a friend of his. There would have been a fight and the perpetrator would have fired shots. The police are investigating this scenario, but are still keeping all options open.

Van Wijk was taken to hospital after the shooting, but help was of no avail.