The police found the largest Dutch cocaine washing facility in Nijeveen in Drenthe last Friday, it is reported on Tuesday. It is estimated that the lab's production capacity, which was found in a converted riding school, was about 150 to 200 kilograms of cocaine per day.

Seventeen suspects have been arrested. One of the suspects is the owner of the property.

"In addition to the drug lab, sleeping quarters and recreation areas had also been built on site," the police said. Among the suspects were thirteen Colombians, three Dutch and someone with Turkish nationality. One of the Dutch also had Colombian nationality.

Raids were also carried out in a shed in Apeldoorn and in Elshout in Brabant. Raw materials for the production of cocaine were found at the riding school.

"In addition to tens of thousands of liters of chemicals, the detectives also found about 100 kilos of cocaine base and in Apeldoorn they found about 120,000 kilos of carrier material." The police explain that in a laundry the cocaine is extracted from 'carrier material', such as clothing. This is converted to cocaine base.