China News Service, Beijing, August 10 (Reporter Chen Su) The reporter learned from the Ministry of Emergency Management of China on the 10th that this year's No. 6 typhoon "Mikra" will land on the coast of Fujian, and China has initiated a level IV emergency response to flood and typhoon prevention.

  It is predicted that this year’s No. 6 Typhoon "Mikra" at 13:00 on the 10th, the center is located on the sea about 490 kilometers south of Xiamen, Fujian. The maximum wind force near the center is 8 levels. It is expected to be in the area from Zhangpu to Lianjiang in the morning of the 11th. Landing on the coast (tropical storm level). At 16:00 on the 10th, the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters (referred to as the "National Headquarters") launched a typhoon level IV emergency response and sent a working group to Fujian to assist in typhoon defense.

  On the same day, the National Defense Office and the Ministry of Emergency Management held a conference and dispatch meeting to arrange the deployment of typhoon "Mikra" defense work, and required relevant areas to further strengthen typhoon monitoring and early warning, promptly carry out risk investigation, and do a good job in sheltering ships and marine operations in the affected seas. Work with offshore aquaculture personnel to go ashore to avoid danger, organize in advance the transfer and resettlement of personnel in key areas such as low-lying flood-prone areas, storm surge floodplains, geological disasters, old communities, tourist attractions, construction sites, etc. Prevention of disasters such as mountain torrents, landslides, mudslides, and urban waterlogging.

  At present, China is in the critical period of "seven lower and eight upper" flood control, with continuous heavy rains, frequent typhoon activities, and severe flood control. The meeting pointed out that all localities should adhere to the concept of the supremacy of life, consolidate the responsibility of flood prevention, further strengthen the transfer of personnel and avoid danger, and do their utmost to prevent casualties. (Finish)