China Overseas Chinese Network, August 10th. According to a report on the WeChat public account "Philippine Express" of the Philippines "World Journal", the Philippine Guangqi School recently held the first Chinese online teaching sharing and exchange meeting. More than 300 people participated.

  Before the start of the demonstration class, Chen Mengli, President of Guangqi, delivered a welcome speech. He said: “As a Chinese school, teaching Chinese is very important. Our online Chinese teaching this year will face many challenges, but we must insist on not closing classes. Suspension."

  Teachers Wang Pingping and Zhuang Lingling from the Primary School, Wang Ziwei and Liu Qiuhua from the Middle School shared their Chinese online courses. Four teachers proficiently used the Zoom classroom and other platforms to carry out online teaching, demonstrating rich teaching experience and online teaching control ability.

  Teacher Wang Pingping uses animation and abundant body language to make online classes very lively and interesting. She also uses Quizizz, an online teaching aid to train students' listening skills.

  The fifth grade teacher Zhuang Lingling used Gimkit to introduce the curriculum to test the effect of students' self-study of new words and explain the use of adverbs of degree.

  The eighth grade teacher Wang Ziwei's classroom teaching instructions are clear, the examples are appropriate, and they gradually guide students to learn new knowledge and apply new knowledge. They also use Zoom's group discussion function to train students' oral communication.

  Teacher Liu Qiuhua of Year 12 of the International Baccalaureate (IB) has designed a very practical personal protection course based on the current severe COVID-19 epidemic, teaching students how to do personal protection against COVID-19 in concise language. She also uses group discussions when teaching, and allows students to share the results of the discussion on the Padlet. In the final interactive session, she used Mentimeter to allow students to enter the phrases she learned to protect against the epidemic, and achieved more in-depth interaction while checking the new knowledge acquired by the students.

  After the wonderful online teaching demonstration class, Yu Lili, the general director of the Chinese Department, and Zhou Haiyan, the deputy director, responded to the teacher's questions.