China News Service, August 10th. According to foreign media reports, a large-scale landslide occurred recently in the Iduki area of ​​Kerala, India. The local police said on the 9th that the death toll from the disaster had risen to 43.

A large-scale landslide occurred in Kerala, India on the 7th local time. As of the evening of the 9th, the death toll has risen to 43.

  Iduki Regional Police Chief Kapu Passami said that as of the afternoon of the 9th, the death toll had risen to 43.

  According to reports, due to the continuous rainfall in the past few days, the local geological situation has become more and more complicated, and search and rescue and on-site cleaning have become more difficult. According to reports, the missing persons were buried under soil and gravel for several days, and some people may be washed away to distant places, and their chances of surviving are getting smaller and smaller.

  However, the local government has not given up on search and rescue, and more than 200 people are currently involved in the search and rescue at the scene.