Max Verstappen climbed to the F1 70th Anniversary GP victory from fourth place in Silverstone, England. The Red Bull team Dutchman commented in a post-race interview on C More’s broadcast that the top performance came as a surprise.

- I didn't expect a win. After the first stint, it seemed that our tires are really good. The question mark was how Mercedes would cope with hard tires. Our car was fast and I had no tire problems at all. We just roasted forward. Great result. We had a great day, everything worked and our strategy was right. Everything went smoothly and I am very happy to win, Verstappen commented.

The victory was ninth in 22-year-old Verstappen’s F1 career. He was the only top driver to go to the race with hard tires. Before the first depot stops, it became clear that the decision was the right one.

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The medium tires of Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton, who left the first two squares, wore on blisters. Verstappen got to Hamilton's position, at which point Red Bull told his young driver to dim him a little so he wouldn't destroy his own tires either.

Verstappen lamented on team radio that just when he gets to drive the race properly with Mercedes, he is told to drive “like grandma”.

- In previous races, we have not had the opportunity to challenge Mercedes drivers. I saw that today we were able to challenge them and I tried to put pressure. They had to go to the depot. After that, I was able to determine my own pace and increase my lead to the end, Verstappen commented on an important moment.

The Mercedes took the hard tires under during their depot stops, but that didn’t help. Verstappen went to the depot himself, he returned to the track second and quickly overtook Bottas, who was driving ahead again. Mersu's tires continued to wear, Verstappen drove without difficulty to victory.

The F1 circus will continue to Barcelona next week. Verstappen was asked if he now has a Mercedes winner under him.

- I do not know. I think we need to use soft tires because it feels right for our car. It will then be seen in Barcelona.


Silverstone, England:

5th Formula One World Championship, British GP (World Cup 70th Anniversary):

Results, 52 laps (lap 5,819 km): 1) Max Verstappen Netherlands, Red Bull 1.19.41 993, 2) Lewis Hamilton Britain, Mercedes 11.326 seconds behind, 3) Valtteri Bottas Finland, Mercedes –19,231, 4) Charles Leclerc Monaco, Ferrari –29,289, 5) Alexander Albon Thailand, Red Bull –39,146, 6) Lance Stroll Canada, Racing Point –42,538, 7) Nico Hülkenberg Germany, Racing Point –55,951, 8) Esteban Ocon France, Renault –1.04,773, 9 ) Lando Norris United Kingdom, McLaren –1.05,544, 10) Daniil Kvjat Russia, AlphaTauri –1.09,669,

11) Pierre Gasly France, AlphaTauri –1.10,642, 12) Sebastian Vettel Germany, Ferrari –1.13,370, 13) Carlos Sainz Jr. Spain, McLaren –1.14,070, 14) Daniel Ricciardo Australia, Renault –1 round, 15 ) Kimi Räikkönen Finland, Alfa Romeo –1, 16) Romain Grosjean France, Haas –1, 17) Antonio Giovinazzi Italy, Alfa Romeo –1, 18) George Russell Britannia, Williams –1, 19) Nicholas Latifi Canada, Williams –1 .

Kevin Magnussen Denmark, Haas, interrupted.

Drivers World Championship Series: 1) Hamilton 107 points, 2) Verstappen 77, 3) Bottas 73, 4) Leclerc 45, 5) Norris 38, 6) Albon 36, 7) Stroll 28, 8) Sergio Perez Mexico, Racing Point 22 , 10) Ocon 16,

11) Sainz Jr. 15, 12) Gasly 12, 13) Vettel 10, 14) Hülkenberg 6, 15) Giovinazzi 2, 16) Kvjat 2, 17) Magnussen 1, 18) Räikkönen 0, 19) Latifi 0, 20) Russell 0, 21) Grosjean 0.

Manufacturers' World Series: 1) Mercedes 180, 2) Red Bull 113, 3) Ferrari 55, 4) McLaren 53, 5) Racing Point 41, 6) Renault 36, 7) AlphaTauri 14, 8) Alfa Romeo 2, 9) Haas 1, 10) Williams 0.

Next race: 16. 8. Spanish gp, Barcelona.