Australia is deporting a 46-year-old Finnish man after receiving criminal convictions for possession of child pornography. The case has been covered in recent days by the news agency AAP and several other Australian media outlets.

According to his defense lawyer, the man moved to Australia at the age of 5 and cannot speak Finnish. According to the lawyer, the man does not have any support networks in Finland either.

According to Judge David Reid, the revocation of the man’s visa and the consequent deportation were inevitable. She is said to have convicted the man of similar crimes once already in 2017.

At that time, a Finnish man was sentenced to 21 months in prison after being caught holding almost 12,000 images of child abuse. Following the sentence, the man was transferred to the Migrant Detention Center to await deportation.

Re-offend immediately

In Australia, it has been shocking that the man began to repeat his crimes immediately after serving his previous conviction. At the detention center, he had two telephones to which he immediately began downloading footage related to child abuse.

The crimes were revealed in the spring of 2019, when another resident of the detention center found the Cell Phones forgotten by a Finnish man in the public living area. Of these crimes, the Brisbane District Court again sentenced the man to another 18 months in prison on Thursday.

According to the court, more than 5,800 images and 222 videos related to child abuse had been found in the man's possession this time.

According to Australian media, the verdict took into account the time the man spent in the detention center, as a result of which his deportation can be carried out immediately depending on travel restrictions on the coronavirus.

"The sooner you are deported, the better"

According to Judge Reid, the man clearly does not understand the seriousness of his crimes and is unable to control himself.

- To be sincere, the sooner you are deported, the better, the judge stated in court.

Reid also demanded that the Australian authorities inform the Finnish authorities about the man's background.

- It is essential that the Australian border authorities and the police tell their Finnish colleagues about your preferences for these matters. That way, they can monitor your phones for horrific acts against young children, Reid showed his words to the convict.