At the end of July, Thai fishermen encountered a mystical creature in the water. They were on a night fishing trip near Rayong town.

Fishermen noticed something moving in the water and pointed the boat’s floodlight towards it. The video depicted a creature that looks like some kind of octopus or long-legged fish. One of the creature’s tentacles or fins seems to sparkle in all the colors of the rainbow.

  • What is it? Watch the recording in the video window above.

One of the sailors, Pramot Hongton, was quite puzzled.

- I haven't seen one before. I have no idea what it is. It swam in it for a moment and dived back into the depths of the sea, Hongton describes.

The fisherman first considered the possible species of the creature with his friends. Hongton then also posted the video online in the hope that someone would be able to tell what species it is. No one could answer what was skating in the video filmed by Hongton.