World-famous celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay appears to be on a long visit to the North. On July 25, the man was seen in Oulu and a week later near the western border in Tornio.

According to data collected by IS, Ramsay has moved at least in Tornio and Kukkolankoski. Local entrepreneurs have updated the information about the visit on social media.

The British chef's visit to the north has been kept very secret and no information has been given to the urban tourist, for example. He is about to make videos for his Youtube channel.

Ramsay released a video on her channel a couple of weeks ago in which she makes reindeer sausages an egg in Norway. Videos recorded in Finland have not been uploaded to the channel.

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In Oulu, Ramsay was seen enjoying food and drinks at Lapland Hotel. He also cycled in Nallikari and walked downtown at the Rotuaari.

Ramsay has moved more than a hundred kilometers north of Oulu. He and his entourage departed for pizza at Hevi’s Pizza & Bar in Tornio. Entrepreneurs Virpi and Henry Saloniemi were pleasantly surprised by the international star's visit.

- When we noticed from the media that Ramsay is moving north, we hoped he would leave our restaurant. Virpi was especially happy when she got her idol to visit and she let me even take a picture of the restaurant, Henry Saloniemi says.

Ramsay ordered pizzas with his entourage and ate them in no hurry. According to the restaurateur, the comments were ok and the pizza seemed to taste good to everyone.

- Everything surprising can happen when you are in Tornio, Saloniemi acknowledges the confusion caused by the famous star's visit.

From Tornio, Ramsay's journey continued up the fairway. He stopped at Kukkolankoski, where a local entrepreneur watched a large party stop at a parking lot.

- That's where they spread out in the parking lot. There were police officers, security guards and an ambulance also came there. The film crew was also involved. They also had their own toilets, says Kukkola's Koski-Catering, which reported on the events on its own Facebook page.

Henry Saloniemi from Tornio received surprise guests at his restaurant last Friday.

Photo: Saloniemi home album

According to information received by IS, Ramsay tried rafting and took a sauna with a local commissioner in a smoke sauna.

Even a celebrity chef on a trip to the north is not allowed to tell detailed information and no pictures are made available to the media. The practice of avoiding publicity was made clear to entrepreneurs in both Oulu and Tornio.

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