An 82-year-old Japanese woman dies in a house near Manila, Philippines.

On the 2nd, an 82-year-old Japanese woman living in this house was found dead in a house near Manila, the capital of the Philippines, with his limbs tied up. , I am investigating it as a murder-robbery case.

According to local police, it was past 8am local time on the 2nd of the local time, at a house in Kabuyao, Laguna, near Manila, where a Japanese Maezawa Reiko (82) who lives in this house is lying on the floor in the neighborhood. A person found it and called the police.

Maezawa has already died with his limbs tied and his mouth covered with a cloth, so there is no noticeable trauma to his body so far.

According to a person who went in and out of the house, Mr. Maezawa's room is 41,000 pesos, about 90,000 yen in Japanese yen, mobile phones and so on are gone, so the police consider that it is a murder-robbery case doing.

The house where the incident happened is located in a residential area in the suburbs about an hour's drive from the center of Manila, police say, Maezawa is from Chiba prefecture, and since her husband died about two years ago, It seems that he lived alone in this house.