Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau apologizes for “failure to avoid” allowing local charity to obtain government contract

  In a speech on the 13th local time, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau said that he and his family have participated in relevant activities of the institution for the exclusive right to manage the "Canada Student Service Grant" program of the "we" charity. But when discussing this contract in the cabinet, he did not evade it. He now knows that his approach is wrong, and he sincerely apologizes.

  Regarding whether he knew his family members, including his wife, mother, and brother, were paid from this charity before discussing in the cabinet, Trudeau said that he did not know that his family was paid, but he admitted that it should be early Understand this matter.

  Trudeau is currently under investigation by the Ethics Commissioner because of the "US" charity's exclusive contract with the government of up to 900 million Canadian dollars. The opposition party asked the police to hold a criminal investigation in this case.

  In the questioning session after the speech that morning, except for a few related to the US-Mexico-Canada agreement and so on, almost all revolved around this incident, and Trudeau repeatedly repeated apologies.

  This is the third time that Trudeau has been investigated by the Ethics Commissioner since he became Prime Minister of Canada. (Headquarters reporter Zhang Sen)