A few hours after the July 14 ceremonies, which largely cared for the caregivers, thousands of demonstrators marched in several cities in France to denounce, among other things, the agreements of the "Ségur de la santé". Europe 1 was in the Parisian procession, with the carers, the yellow vests and many others.

Several thousand people demonstrated on Tuesday in Paris and in the region at the call of a dozen trade union organizations, including SUD and the CGT, to denounce the agreements concluded during the "Ségur de la santé", deemed insufficient to meet needs of the public hospital, especially in the face of the coronavirus epidemic. In Paris, the event brought together several thousand people, from Place de la République to Place de la Bastille. The parade was organized a few hours after the tribute ceremony for nursing staff, Place de la Concorde, as part of the July 14 celebrations. Among the demonstrators, some came from a rally organized by "yellow vests" in front of the General Police Inspectorate (IGPN) to denounce police violence. Europe 1 was there.

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"No heroes, the chocolate medal, we don't want it!" Words written in blue marker, on white coats. They could be seen in the processions, in reference to the morning ceremony, to which many caregivers were invited. "The 183 euros in 2021, divided in two, it's just big junk," denounces Muriel, a health executive in a nursing home.

While @ EmmanuelMacron continues his interview of # 14July, the demonstration of the #soignants anger begins at Place de la République in Paris.
Several tens of thousands of people leaving the procession. @ Europe1pic.twitter.com / PeRHpOCw2p

- Théo Maneval (@TheoManeval) July 14, 2020

The results of the "Ségur" are therefore at the heart of the anger. The concessions made by the signatory unions depress, downright, certain caregivers of the public hospital. Like Camille, a resuscitation nurse in Paris: "We are disgusted. We realize that the negotiations have resulted in both making us work more, up to 40 hours a week, and making us rest less. We have just had a major crisis, which has exhausted us, and we are told that we will work more. " "We have been hired, but who is going to want to come to work on a lousy salary?" Added one of his colleagues in the procession.

Like an air of # 14July Place de la Bastille ...
@ Europe1pic.twitter.com / v9vmHAJtiX

- Théo Maneval (@TheoManeval) July 14, 2020

These nurses, radiotherapists or nursing assistants have also received support, sometimes stormy, from the yellow vests, but also from many other cultural and tourism professions. Also present in the Parisian procession was the secretary general of the CGT, Philippe Martinez and the LFI deputy Eric Coquerel. Event which ended, like a wink, at the foot of the Bastille Opera whose giant screen has been displaying, for several days, messages of support to all caregivers.

Arrival in a few moments on Place de la Bastille for the # SoignantsEnColère demonstration. Procession of disappointed negotiations ended yesterday, led by #GiletsJaunes with this sign: "Ségur à avaler". pic.twitter.com/7B8sWcUVjV

- Théo Maneval (@TheoManeval) July 14, 2020

The demonstration was marked by sporadic clashes between the police and demonstrators at the end of the procession. The gendarmes used tear gas. In addition, two people were briefly arrested by the police for "flying over a prohibited area" after dropping in the air balloons on which hung an anti-macron banner during the parade of July 14 place of Concorde.

The unions, which failed to take the lead, are now cut off from the rest of the demonstrators behind a cloud of tear gas, and a cordon of mobile gendarmes. #manif#soignants#14juillet@Europe1pic.twitter.com/rN9BQ9Q8Fa

- Théo Maneval (@TheoManeval) July 14, 2020

In Lyon, some 500 people, including many "yellow vests", also paraded behind a banner "first of chores, last considered". In Bordeaux, they were between 150 and 200, gathered in the city center. In Toulouse, 250 people according to the police and 400 according to the organizers took part in the demonstration. For Joël, educator in medico-social and SUD representative, "we talk a lot about health but our problems overlap and we also suffer from accounting management".