83 millionaires in the world "tax us" New Corona 14th July 10:04

Amid the fears that the new coronavirus will widen the economic gap, 83 wealthy people in the world have urged governments in each country to significantly increase taxes on wealthy people like themselves. "Millionaires for Humanity", an organization created by the world's millionaires, released a letter signed by 83 American entrepreneurs and investors, including the Disney family, on the 13th.

Among them, the new coronavirus is causing poverty and worsening employment in the world, and said, "We do neither hospital nor delivery work. Wealthy people like us The tax should be increased. Please tax it." I told the governments of each country that they should significantly increase the tax for the wealthy people like themselves and correct the gap.

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, there is a growing tendency for layoffs in the service industry, such as the restaurant and tourism, which have been the source of employment for people with low income, and there is concern that the disparities in employment and income will widen around the world.

Among them, in the United States, the opposition party and the Democratic Party are strengthening their stance to increase taxes on large corporations and wealthy people in order to eliminate the disparity in preparation for the presidential election in the fall.

On the other hand, while there is a strong voice of caution in the business world, some managers and affluent people are beginning to agree with the tax increase, which is a debate.