In addition, Democratic Party member Jun Jun-byeong posted an article that seemed to advocate for former Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon and became controversial, explaining it today (14th).

Assemblyman Yoon said on Facebook today, "Some media reports have filed suspicion of fake me-to-me, but there was no intention at all."

He said, "I still feel sorry if I told you that I was sorry for the victim even before the death of (Mayor Park). "I just hope there are no more secondary damages to the victim."

He added, "I worked in a space that was not far away, but I never noticed the pain of the victim. I hope that the daily life and safety of the victim and the victim's family can be fully recovered as soon as possible."

Rep. Yoon, a former Mayor of Seoul's administration, said on Facebook yesterday, "It was a response to death to prevent political controversy over the authenticity of the accusation and secondary victims in the process." I personally practiced it."

(Photo = Yoon Jun Byung's Facebook capture, Yonhap News)