SJK Esports, founded by the Seinäjoki Football Club, has fired the game team that represented the organization in Rainbow Six: Siege. The team that joined the organization in early May reached the semi-finals in the FEL league on behalf of SJK.

SJK fired the team because some of the players have behaved inappropriately online against 49-year-old Katja “Katjaplays” towards Lappalainen. Of the players fired, two are adults and the rest are 17 years old.

- We do not tolerate cyberbullying or other unprofessional use in the organization, and we have zero tolerance for this. So we decided to shelf our Siege team immediately, SJK said in a statement shared on Twitter.

The players did not want to comment to IS.

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SJK tells IS that a few players have been involved in the situation in different ways. At least one of the players had called Lappalainen a cougar and wondered how the unemployed could take young people to court for fun. A Lapp resident is not unemployed.

The organization initially decided to just shelf the team for a while, but the decision turned into a kick after Lappalainen shared a video of one of the player’s comments.

In the video shared by the Lappish, the player states that the team has been on the bench and has not been kicked until the situation calms down. Immediately after, the player also says the team now has a lower profile so no one gets angry anymore. The player also states out loud that it could be better not to comment on the situation at all.

The player's comments on the Twitch broadcast came just a few hours after the shelving decision, SJK will be confirmed to IS. The comments were the last staple: The whole team was fired the next day. SJK underlines that the organization is against all forms of bullying and misuse - including against former players.

In June, Ilta-Sanomat reported on a case of bullying by Lappalainen, which began in Rainbow Six: Siege in 2019. Lappalainen had filed a criminal report against two bullies, but was badly lost in a decision of the district court in June. Lappalainen has told IS that he is dissatisfied with the decision and intends to take the matter to the Court of Appeal.

SJK players are not involved in the case heard in the district court. The bullying of SJK players has taken place during July.

SJK is said to have received various threats from players and also from the organization: Some have threatened to contact partners, while others have apologized in the form of a video.

- Many have lost their sense of proportionality here. There is recklessness and stupid deeds behind it, but does it require somely licking? That is a separate matter. It is also funny to claim that we are in favor of cyberbullying when we are against all such and unprofessional behavior, SJK comments.

After the Siege kicks, SJK is still represented in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. SJK went into sports in January 2017, and since then has been involved in FIFA and NHL series, for example, in addition to CS.