Andalusia is also going to introduce the use of the mask as mandatory from next week. The president of the Andalusian Government, Juanma Moreno , has announced in Ceuta that on Monday he will propose to the technical-medical committee that the use of the mask be compulsory in Andalusia, considering that although the community is not in "a limit situation like other territories , it is better to prevent " .

In his public appearance in the city of Ceuta, Moreno stressed that the medical technical committee will analyze the obligation, which if approved "would be immediate and would be applied the next day or 48 hours later, " as specified.

Moreno also highlighted that the sprouts that are occurring in Andalusia from the Covid-19 are being "controlled". "In a population with 8.5 million inhabitants, it is normal for us to have outbreaks in Andalusia and that is why we must continue to insist on individual and collective responsibility and prevention is better than cure," he said.

Moreno has warned that in some Andalusian municipalities there is a " tourism phobia , since tourists are arriving who do not use masks and this causes some fear among the inhabitants of those municipalities, which is not a good thing."

Likewise, he has advocated " working together until there is an effective treatment or an efficient vaccine to combat this pandemic," since "there are major outbreaks in Andalusia."

However, he explained that "thanks to the excellent health services, the regrowths are controlled and limited" and he specified that in a community with eight and a half million inhabitants it is "normal to have more regrowths than the rest", since " is the most popular. " Finally, the President of the Board has defended " individual responsibility" , while indicating that "the Andalusian government will continue to exercise extreme caution".

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