The man who robbed a local bus with a knife caught a paltry 185 euros, but the district court found the robbery to be planned and aggravated, and therefore worthy of an absolute prison sentence of more than two years.

The incident happened in Mikkeli in Southern Savonia in February last year.

The man had been preparing to rob a local bus early in the morning before it set off, with no one but a bus driver present. That's what he did.

The man put on two clothes on top of him at home and took the other shoes with him. For the robbery, the man was equipped with a beanie in which he had cut holes like a commando beanie. He took a knife with him as a weapon.

On the way to the robbery, the man changed his shoes and covered his face with a beanie. After getting on the bus, he demanded a financing bag from the driver and grabbed it. The driver did not give the bag, but stuck it himself.

At this point, the man would swing at the driver with a knife, but didn’t hit this. In its decision, the court interpreted that the robber did not mean to harm the driver, but intimidated him.

After receiving the financial portfolio, the robber got off the bus. The driver went after him, but outside the man threatened to meet him if he followed him.

On the way, the man took off the others from the clothes he was wearing and changed his shoes again. He threw the financial portfolio into the forest, but took the so-called money treasure for the money and small money in it. The funding portfolio was later found in the forest, but the money and the slave were missing.

In the opinion of the District Court, the robbery, despite its small prey, fulfilled the characteristics of a gross robbery because of its plannedness and manner of conduct. It sentenced Samir Velic, who was born in 1996, to two years and one month in prison and sentenced him to prison.

The man, who had been on parole for a felony drug offense, justified his drug charges and the fact that he and his girlfriend had been threatened because of them.

The verdict is not yet final.