The police and General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) had an informant in the extreme right-wing party Dutch People's Union (NVU) for 2.5 years, NRC writes Tuesday evening. The newspaper spoke to Richard Prein, who was a close employee of NCE leader Constant Kusters until late last year.

Prein approached NRC earlier this year. He says he wants to clear his name. By passing on information, he would have helped protect public order.

Various sources confirm in conversation with NRC that Prein worked as an informant. He substantiated his story himself with WhatsApp messages between him and his contacts with the police.

Prein worked as an informant from June 2017 to the end of 2019. He was 'circle leader' of the provincial department of the party in North Brabant. In 2018, members of the NCE elected him 'Activist of the year'. While he organized extremist activities, the police and the AIVD supervised.

Prein gave the police and the AIVD insight into the relationship between the extreme right and the Forum for Democracy, among other things, and talked about threatening confrontations between left-wing and right-wing activists. He also infiltrated the neo-Nazi party Racial Volunteer Force (RVF).

In September 2019 he organized an anti-Israel demonstration in The Hague together with the RVF, but it was canceled due to the commotion that arose.

Kusters could not prove that Prein was an informant

NCE leader Kusters says in NRC that he already had suspicions that Prein was an informant. However, evidence for this was lacking.

The police and the AIVD paid Prein a total of approximately 3,000 euros for the information he passed on. He invested that money partly in supporting the party.

The AIVD says it is not allowed to make any statements to NRC about who the intelligence service is talking to. The Rotterdam police also say that they are "extremely reluctant" to share information about the matter.