Sunday's practice of FC Znamya Truda, who plays in the third division of Russian football, ended in a gruesome way.

The club's goalkeeper Ivan Zaborovsky, 16, was struck by lightning in the middle of the team's training sessions. The situation is shown in a video published by the club.

The video shows Zaborovsky just kicking the ball as the rest of the team warms up on the edge of the field when lightning flashes.

Trudan reported the player was in intensive care after the incident. It said later on Monday that Zaborovsky's condition was stable and he had suffered severe burns. However, according to doctors, he is not in danger of death.

- Everyone worked quickly and very professionally, the ambulance arrived on the scene in eight minutes. Probably his heart stopped, he got first aid and maybe because of that the child survived, the club’s GM Igor Mayorov commented on the club’s social media accounts.

Earlier, Mayorov said the player has been plunged into an artificial coma.

- I was in touch with his father. His eyes react, he responds to commands, the functions showing recovery are positive. We look forward to what the filming and heart film will give us, Mayorov commented on Truda’s Instagram account on Monday.

Zaborovsky had just been raised according to the Truda team before what happened.