The judge rightly calls the suspension of director Soner Atasoy from the Haga Lyceum. Atasoy had brought summary proceedings to maintain his position.

According to the preliminary relief judge, Atasoy and former board secretary Sadrettin Karadag are both responsible for the administrative chaos that has arisen at the Cornelius Haga Lyceum in Amsterdam and they have to leave. The two had brought summary proceedings to maintain their positions.

Atasoy and Karadag face the chairman of the Islamic Education Foundation (SIO), Mohammed Laamimach. The two parties believe they both have the right to run the school and they bombard each other with reproaches. Chairman Laamimach suspended Atasoy and Karadag a few weeks ago. In turn, Atasoy, while suspended, did the same with Laamimach, which according to the judge made the school ungovernable.

In order to solve the administrative crisis at the school, it is important, according to the judge, that one of the two parties should at least step down temporarily.

Minister Slob intervenes

Education Minister Arie Slob intervened at the Islamic school last year and deposed Atasoy. In January, however, Slob's decision was overturned by the judge. Slob is still appealing that decision

It has been restless for a long time around the Amsterdam school. According to the intelligence service AIVD, former director Atasoy has ties with extremist groups. The AIVD repeatedly bugged the school for the investigation.

A week ago it was announced that several employees and parents of students reported to the Inspectorate of Education about the situation at the school.