The finals of the NHL video game’s toughest racing series, the European Championship League (ECL), Elite Division, will end today at 9pm. ISTV will show the matches live.

HAVU The best of seven series between Gaming and Linköping HC is currently 3-0 for HAVU. Friday's games ended 2-1 AND, 2-1 AND 2-1.

The live broadcast will appear in the video box that opens at the beginning of this article. The English broadcast will be narrated by Cody ”Tougie24” Tougas and Paul “CynFTW” Anderson.

Reitu ”Roisto9999” Hynenen, Hannes ”Hansulinho” Kettunen, Eemil ”eKoskii” Koski, Wille ”willekunq” Juntunen, Kristian-Mikael ”Nassustelija” Katajisto, Ilmari ”Puantso” Lehkonen, Risto ”Dominointi” Järvi Keränen and Tuukka “FlyerKungen” Kuha.

Linköping includes Casper “ICappeI” Lundgren, Sebastian ”SebberLarsen86” Larsen, Aleksi ”warp“ Loimuvirta, Joel ”jtorro -_-” Tourunen, Joonas “SUPERVIRTA” Virta, Erik ”I_EKI_I” Tammenpää, Paul ”PleeMaker” Patontie and Joonas “Paatiala.

The winning team will be rewarded with € 10,000 and the runner-up will receive € 3,000. ECL Elite will be played entirely online due to the corona pandemic. Linköping HC is the reigning champion, although last season’s championship came under the name Filadelphia.

At ECL Elite, 16 teams compete seasonally, playing NHL20 in teams of six. The season currently playing in the series is the tenth in a row. Live broadcasts are also available on the league's organizer NHLGamer's Twitch channel and on the Screen, where you will also find recordings of previous broadcasts.