Former F1 driver Jean Alesi does not give mercy to Sebastian Vettel, who is leaving Ferrari.

The 201 gp Frenchman presented his views in Sky Sports ’F1 Vodcast.

Alesi announced his respect for the four-time world champion and, in the same breath, announced his perception of the German’s start in Ferrari.

- He failed. There was a reason in him or the stable, something went wrong. I was very surprised that his departure was announced before the season began, Alesi said.

Vettel won four world championships before moving to Ferrari in 2015. The German has a chance at the fifth championship when the F1 season begins in July.

- Someone like that it takes courage to announce that this was here: the end of the period of time here, but I do not know where I am after. Things certainly didn’t go the way he hoped.

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