Massimo Clemente, director of the Microbiology and Virology Laboratory of the San Rafael Hospital in Milan, Italy, said that the viral load of the new Coruna virus is now 100 times weaker than it was at the beginning of last March.

In an interview with a Spanish newspaper, reported by the Italian agency “Nova” yesterday, Clementi added that “weeks ago the clinical picture has changed ... the serious cases that we saw at the beginning of this epidemic are diminishing, we no longer receive patients who must enter immediately for a unit Intensive care".

According to the Italian doctor, “After comparing the viral load of 100 patients, they were hospitalized in the first 15 days of March, with 100 other cases, which were detected in late May, and there was a big surprise.”

In terms of substance, Clemente said, "The amount of virus present in patients who came to us in May is much lower than those who arrived in March, and in some cases even 100 times less." It is a totally microscopic difference, ”according to Nova.

And Clemente added: “We contacted our colleagues in the United States, Europe, and Spain. I can say that they are in Spain noticing the same trend, meaning that the epidemic is in the containment stage. ”Explaining that what is interesting is that even in Florida, where the isolation measures were much lighter than they were in Spain and Italy, they notice the same trend.

The amount of virus present in patients in May is much lower than those who were infected in March.

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