A US state judge has ordered the local police to stop using power tools against protesters over the killing of George Floyd, and Minneapolis city officials said they reached an agreement preventing the police from using strangulation during arrest, as the United States prepares today for mass demonstrations to denounce racism and police crackdown on protests.

On Friday, the Denver District Court judge ordered the Denver city police to stop using tear gas, plastic bullets and other "less lethal" power tools such as light bombs against protesters in the city.

The verdict comes in response to a local lawsuit filed on Thursday by protesters complaining of excessive force used by police during public demonstrations condemning the death of an African-American citizen George Floyd on May 26, after police detained him in a manner that sparked widespread anger and led to unprecedented popular protests For decades.

Denver Police spokesman Tyrone Campbell said the police will adhere to the judge's decision.

Strangulation technology
In the city of Minneapolis where Floyd was killed, city council officials said they had reached an agreement with the state of Minnesota to prevent the police from using strangulation during arrest, and they said that this agreement was awaiting approval by the state’s judiciary for it to take effect.

New York City has seen protest marches denouncing what they call police brutality. New York State Governor Andrew Como condemned the attack by two policemen of an elderly man during the protests in Buffalo, New York.

The police announced the arrest of two of its members, and opened an investigation into the accident, while all members of the riot police unit in the city resigned in protest against the suspension of the work of two of them.

In Indianapolis, the police opened an investigation after a video was released showing at least four of her men beating a woman with a runaway and sprinkling it with pepper balls last Sunday night.

According to several media reports, New York City police officers on Thursday beat dozens of peaceful demonstrators who violated the curfew in the Bronx after being surrounded, as they left them nowhere to flee to it.

Demonstrations today
On the other hand, it is expected to organize mass demonstrations today, Saturday, in many American cities, including Washington.

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowers wrote "Black Lives Important" (Black Lives Matters) in giant letters on the road to the White House, just before the crowd arrived.

Happening now: Painting “Black Lives Matter” on 16th Street in front of the @WhiteHouse pic.twitter.com/doLOW3VpEc

- Nikki Schwab (@NikkiSchwab) June 5, 2020

Today, a ceremony will be held to honor Floyd George in Fyford, North Carolina, the state in which he was born, following a first honor ceremony held in Minneapolis on Thursday.

And while Washington authorities closed major streets in anticipation of massive demonstrations today, Defense Secretary Mark Esber issued orders to return regular forces who had been moved to the capital to counter protests immediately to their bases.

Army Minister Ryan McCarthy said that National Guard forces will remain on standby for assistance. McCarthy indicated that the Pentagon has received information from the authorities expecting about one hundred to two hundred thousand people to participate in today's march in Washington.

The US official also confirmed that the military helicopter team, which was hovering at a low altitude over the protesters in Washington last Monday, had been suspended from work, pending the results of the ongoing investigation into the incident.

Accusations of Trump
In a related context, former US defense ministers and dozens of military officials, in a joint message, accused President Trump of betraying the oath and constitution for his consideration of landing the army to confront protesters. Among the signatories was former Defense Secretary James Mattis.

On the other hand, the US President called on the governors of states that witnessed violence during the protests to impose hegemony on the street by calling the National Guard for assistance.

Trump said that vandalism and looting of shops in New York should not be allowed, criticizing the performance of some state governors, saying, "Given the great successes we have achieved in Minnesota and elsewhere, I suggest to some state governors not to insist on their intransigence, as is the case in New York where you have seen What is happening, I suggest to them not to insist on their position and the completion of the task, as this will make them in a better situation in the end. "

Outside America,
a demonstration took place in Sydney, Australia, against racism and in solidarity with the protests in the United States after the killing of George Floyd, and protesters carried banners denouncing what happened in the United States and demanding justice in this case.

Also Friday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau participated in a huge demonstration in the capital Ottawa to condemn racism, and in the city of Strasbourg in southern France, a protest demonstration came out yesterday to condemn the killing of Floyd and racism and police violence against the demonstrators.

In Paris, the police banned demonstrations that were scheduled in front of the American embassy and in the parks near the Eiffel Tower today, and the Paris Police Department said that the decision was due to fears of social unrest and health hazards resulting from large gatherings in light of the spread of the emerging Corona Virus pandemic.