Ronnie O’Sullivan’s snorkel break ended on Friday when he faced Kishan Hiran of Wales in his opening match of the Championship League.

O'Sullivan's 3-0 victory was accompanied by a stylish performance. The elegance of the outward essence of the 44-year-old sports legend, on the other hand, is likely to divide opinions.

Namely, the five-time world champion trampled on the arena directly, stumbled upon by a mustache model stolen from the 1970s.

O’Sullivan’s style immediately evoked hilarity on social media. The professional tour umbrella organization World Snooker shared a sample of the top talented whiskers in their Instagram account.

- Who else has enjoyed the Netflix series during corona isolation? was asked in connection with a picture of the federation, perhaps referring to the Narcos series, in which criminal boss Pablo Escobaria, equipped with similar mustaches, plays Wagner Moura.

Earlier in the week, O’Sullivan’s participation in the first Corona-era snooker tournament was uncertain.

The quirky savvy told the British media that he would only agree to play in Milton Keynes if he was allowed to bring his own food into the arena.

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